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  • Understanding Standards Based Grading

    DCSD has transitioned to Standards Based Grading practices as a way of reporting to you what your child has mastered in terms of the Learning Standards in each subject area.

    **COVID-19 Clarification: Hybrid Learners will be graded by Standards Based Grading. 100% Online Only Learners will be graded using the traditional grading scale.**

    What does this mean?

    • Your child’s grade will reflect what they have learned and mastered in the subject area standard. There is no extra credit.
    • Final Grades will be assigned at the end of the semester for courses that stay the same all year.
    • The semester term will provide the student with an extended time to redo, relearn, and complete work.
    • There will be Quarter grades for Quarter classes (Specials like Art, Health, PE, etc…)


    PLEASE check Parent Portal FREQUENTLY. ​If your child is missing work or work is showing a grade below a C, please contact the teacher. YOUR CHILD CAN REDO the work and needs support with additional learning opportunities.

    What does grading look like?

    Each grade prior to the final composite course grade is an average of all standards that have been learned by that point in the course. The final grade is the average of all standards for the course. Grades are considered to be in progress until the end of the course.

    Below you will find the grading calculation scale that will help you understand the translation from a numeric proficiency score (determined from rubrics) into a traditional letter grade.

    Dates to put on your calendar

    • Semester classes (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Choir):
      • End of Semester 1: February 12
      • End of Semester 2: June 11
    • Quarter classes (Art, PE, Health, Computer Applications, etc…):
      • End of Qtr 1: November 13
      • End of Qtr 2: February 12
      • End of Qtr 3: April 16
      • End of Qtr 4: June 11
    • Smart provides additional support to students during the following times:
      • During the class period
      • During our MTSS/Advisory period


    Your student has 30 minutes built into their schedule to work with their teacher. Online tutoring from 4:00-5:00 M-Th. Contact your child’s teacher or counselor for help.