• Hayes Elementary School
    Principal: Sara Gott
    622 S. Concord St.
    Davenport, Iowa 52802
    Phone: 563-322-2601
    Fax:  563-324-4518

  • News, Events, and Announcements

    Skill of the month for April

    Common Sense

    Iowa Assessment Test; April 8th

    Please make sure your child gets a good nights rest and eats a good breakfast (either at home or at school) to fuel their bodies and brains.

    Novel Quest by Megan

    Have you ever heard of battle of the books? At Hayes we do Novel Quest. The main reason we are doing Novel Quest is to improve Hayes more advanced readers. In Novel Quest you have to read a minimum of five books; along the way your student can earn prizes. The grand prize is lunch with Mrs.Gott our principal. There

    Kindergarten Round Up; April 17, 10:00 in the Library

    Register your child for Kindergarten.
    Please bring with you:
    Birth Certificate, Proof of residency, Dental and Health Records.

    Pizza Ranch Tip Night; April 7th, 5:00-9:00

    Bring your family and friends to Pizza Ranch for supper.  Students and Staff from Hayes School will be busing tables and working for tips.  All tips will be put in the scholarship fund for sending students to Camp Abe Lincoln again this year.  We had a wonderful time last year, hope you can make it.

    Student Reporters for the Hayes Bulldogs

    Hello we are the new Hayes Bulldogs reporters. My name Is Megan and my partners name is Joseph. We will be keeping you updated about news that happens at Hayes. We hope you will enjoy our stories.

    Have a Blast with Winter Break by Joseph

    This year we will have 11 days off of school!  This will be a fun winter break.  On the 20th it is our last day and it’s a 2 hour early out; Hayes will be dismissing at 1:00.
    See you on January 7, 2014.

    A Musical Story by Megan

    On Thursday December 5, 2013 the fourth and fifth graders at Hayes presented a music program to the school.  The program and songs were full of Christmas cheer.  Students did a magnificent job.

    Got Mrs. Gott? by Megan

    Mrs. Gott is our new Principal at Hayes so I am going to have a little ! and A session with her.
    Mrs. Gott shared that her favorite things about Hayes are: the students because they are so nice, kind, smart, and fun; the staff, they are hardworking and fun, and Ezra is the best dog.
    She also said, “I

    A New Teacher Interview; by Joseph

    I want you to meet Mrs. Solchenberger.  I asked her three questions. The first question was, how many years have you taught school?  She said twelve years.  The second question I asked her was; what school did you teach at last year? The answer was JFK. My last question was what grades have you taught? The grades were 2nd