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    Ms. Lindell’s Balloon Car experiment

    Ms. Lindell

    Students are learning about Newton’s Laws of motion and force. Our focus this week is on Newton’s 3rd Law which states that all forces work in pairs. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Balloon Cars rely on Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, as the air rushes backwards out of the balloon/straw, it pushes the car forward in the opposite direction with an equal force causing the car to drive. Students had to become engineers and figure out the best design, placement of the balloon and direction of the straw for the air to come out. They also had to think about the weight distribution on their cars and what it would take to get them moving.

    In the 7th grade our top 3 students were

    Xavier Brown -300 inches

    Will Brown – 299 inches

    Darion Shears – 174 inches

    Class period winners are below:

    Period 1:   Read more

    Career Day 2016

    JBK8 hosted Career Day for 8th graders on Friday, February 5th. Representatives from four local workforce engagement connections led stations that groups of students rotated through.  Representatives included the Blong Center at Scott Community College, Scott Community College Career Advising, Genesis Medical Center EMTs, and the Eastern Iowa coordinator  from GearUp Iowa.

    Mr. Berg’s January Best of Class

    The “Best of the Class” award is a huge “THANK YOU” from Mr. Berg to you for doing such a great job.

    Every class does a warm-up routine each time they come to PE class. This warm-up routine consists of sit-ups, push-ups, stretching, and running. The students perform a set amount of repetitions given by the teacher, Mr. Berg, for each exercise.  Mr. Berg chooses one student, at the end of each month, from each grade level as the “BEST” exerciser in their class.

    Being the “BEST” does not always mean that they run the fastest or do the most sit-ups, rather it is an indication of how much effort they put into their warm-up routine. This award also means that they take their exercise time seriously and do not bother other students during this time. Every teacher loves to see students putting 100% effort into what they do! In Read more

    8th Graders battle hard against Bettendorf

    JB’s 8th graders battled hard against Bettendorf Middle on Monday night.  The Jags battled hard and tied the game with 12 seconds left after a  turnaround 3 point basket but lost by 2.

    Mr. Moulton’s Cow Eye Dissection

    Mr. Berg on Paula Sands Live

    KWQC and Mr. Berg

    Please check out Mr. Berg’s interview with Aubrey Jackson on TV6/Paula Sands Live, January 20th at 3pm.   The interview will also be posted to KWQC.com right after the show for those wanting to watch online. Read more

    High School Class Registration of 8th Graders

    On Monday, January 11th, the Freshman Counselors from Central High came to the JB cafeteria to register the 8th graders for high school. 


    The JB AVID classes had guest speakers the week of 1/5-1/9.

    Rodney Tatum is the Juvenile Court Liaison from Central High School.  He talked about how to be successful and go to college.  He spoke to the 8th grade AVID class.

    Marlo Clarke from the YMCA.  He talked about the 5 things you need to be successful in any career. He spoke to the 6th grade AVID class.

    Latoya Lewis is the Parent-Family Liaison from JB Young.  She talked about her obstacles to going to college and her career as a teacher and other ways she gives back to her community.  She spoke to the 7th grade class.

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    Mr. Berg’s Class Video Goes Viral

    JB Whip


    Mr. Berg’s Whip and Nae Nae Warm Up

    Mr. Berg’s 3rd-5th grade students performed a cardio warm-up version of Watch Me Whip that has received nearly 5,000 views on YouTube!  Click the link above to see the entire warm-up video and share with your family and friends the great things happening at JB Young! Read more


    Polar Express 7 The J.B. Young K-8 kindergartners and first graders attended the Polar Express IMAX movie/pajama party at the Putnam Museum on Monday December 21!  After the movie these students visited the Museum and Science Center!

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