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    February/March Optimist Award Nominees


    On Friday March 6, the Morning Optimist Club presented their Life Skills awards to another group of outstanding J.B. Young students.  Here are the students and life skill they were honored for:  Logan Cebuhar (K) Following Directions; Izic Davis (K) Following Directions;  Roberto Vega (1) Listening; Isaiah Griffin (1) Following Directions; O’Shae Collins (2) Working with Others; Allie Morrison (2) Following Directions; Genterrius Ellis (3) Perseverance/Outstanding Effort; Anthony Katzenberger (3) Making an Apology; DaJada Riddle (4) Appropriate Voice Tone; Darriccio Hopson (4) Staying on Task; Natalie Morgan (5) Staying on Task; Damarius Townsend (5) Asking for Help; Jenny Wilson (6) Staying on Task; Sanaa Brown (6) Staying on Task; Maggie Page Smith (6) Following Directions; Shelby Cracraft (7) Working with Others; Jake Olsen (7) Staying on Task; Amaya Jackson (8) Working with Others; Lauren Batchelor (8) Following Directions, Greeting Others, Listening; Carmen Vavra (8) Staying on Task; and Stephon Read more

    7th Grade Students Receive 1st College Scholarship!


    Thursday March 5th was an outstanding day for our 7th Grade students at J.B. Young.  Each qualifying student received a certificate from the GEAR-UP Iowa grant giving them access to $2400 in scholarship money upon graduating from high school.  Mr. Nathan Svare, our GEAR-UP facilitator explained the process to students and parents before presenting students with their certificates.

    The GEAR-UP grant will provide additional educational and informational supports to students and their families each year until graduation.  After graduation, each eligible student can received up to $600 per year for four years to pursue any post-secondary education or training.  This includes:  military, apprenticeships, certificate programs, as well as 2- and 4-year colleges.  For more information on this program, please contact our school counselor, Steve Hahn.

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    8th Grade Visits Lincoln Museum


    On Tuesday, February 24, our 8th Grade classes visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois.  The students were accompanied by Mrs. Corbin, the 8th grade teachers and other staff on their excursion.  Charter busses picked up the students and staff early in the morning to spend as much time as possible at the museum.  After visiting the museum, staff and students had lunch at a local pizza restaurant in Springfield.  Student behavior was outstanding on the trip, and they were in awe of the exhibits and activities they interacted with.  Since students enjoyed the trip so much and were so well behaved, the plan is to make this an annual trip!

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    AVID Students Attend Health Expo


    AVID students visited the River Center on February 13th to participate in the Heath Expo.  The students were able to learn about many different medical careers.  They explored the heart, lungs and brain.  They were able to speak with a chiropractor, nutritionist and yoga instructor.  Students also learned how to sew stiches, insert staples, and use a stethoscope to listen to their hearts.  They even got to go inside an ambulance and talk with paramedics. Finally, students were able to talk with local universities about the different medical programs available in the Quad Cities.

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    Jaguars Excel at District Solo Festival

    Congratulations to our Orchestra students for their outstanding efforts at the DCSD Elementary-Intermediate Solo Festival held on February 21st.  All of the students who participated earned at least an Excellent rating, with two students earned a Superior rating and a gold ribbon.  Shown below are the participating students, the instrument they play, and the award they earned.

    Joe’Quez Howard (5), Cello, Gold Ribbon

    Rachel Laake (8), Violin, Gold Ribbon

    Isabel Buchanan (7), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Destiny Jones (6), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Heaven Jones (7), Cello, Blue Ribbon

    Natalie Morgan (5), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Kaia Colvin (8), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Jasmine Alarcon (6), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Israel Martinez (6), Viola, Blue Ribbon

    Aliiyha Morgan (6), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Kyla Lippincott (6), Violin, Blue Ribbon

    Way to go Jaguars!

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    Kaia Colvin Accepted to Honor Orchestra


    ColvinFor the second time this year,  Kaia Colvin,  an 8th grade violinist at J.B. Young,  has been accepted into a state-level middle school honors orchestra!  She will be participating in the First Violin section in the Gold Orchestra at Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School’s Middle School Honors Orchestra Festival on March 7, 2015.

    Kaia will rehearse with many other outstanding string players, then perform after dinner at a 6:00 p.m. concert.  Way to go Kaia, J.B. Young is extremely proud of your accomplishments! Read more

    Calvin Moulton Recognized by Governor Branstad

    Congratulations to J.B. Young 6th grader Calvin Moulton, who was the 2nd place winner in the 5-6th grade category of the statewide Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest this year.  The theme was how to create an event that would bring the whole community together.  On M.L. King Day, January 19, he and the other winners were presented their awards by Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds at a celebration in Des Moines.


    Calvin Moulton


    M.L. King Essay Contest Winners

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    February Calendar and Parent Newsletter


    February 2015 Parent Newsletter

    February 2015 Calendar Read more

    Jaguars Participate in Honor Band Auditions

    Congratulations to four J.B. Young band members Isabel Buchanan (7th), Lynzie Durr (7th), Leanna Soots (8th), and Carmen Vavra (8th) who traveled to Fairfield High School on January 17th to audition for the Southeast Iowa Band Association’s Honor Band.

    Special congratulations go to Carmen Vavra, who was selected for the Voxman band. This band is named for Himie Voxman, a former clarinet professor at the University of Iowa. Carmen performed with the honor band on Saturday, January 24th at Iowa City West High School. The evening concert featured two Junior High level groups as well as a high school honor band.


    Leanna Soots


    Carmen Vavra


    Lynzie Durr


    Isabel Buchanan

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    January Optimist Awards

    On Friday, January 16, representatives from the Morning Optimist Club presented their monthly Life-Skills awards to twelve J.B. Young students.  This months nominees were:  Justin Butler (K); Cortaz Thomas (1); Ben Wiebel (2); Xzavion Hildebrandt (3); Juniyah Rush (4); Eisella Snyder (5); Shamari Carter (6); Ofelia Salinas (6); John Koenig (7); Heaven Jones (7); Marco Castel (8); and Alissa Dyer (8).

    The students were joined by their proud families for the presentation ceremony, and each family received a picture with their student and award.  Thank you to all of our Jaguars who demonstrate outstanding life-skills each day!

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