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  • Wood Administration
    Sheri Simpson-Schultz, Principal
    Eric Johnson, Associate Principal
    5701 North Division Street
    Davenport, IA  52806
    (563) 445-5300, phone
    (563) 445-5961, fax
  • Chalk the Walk

    Wood Intermediate held a “Chalk the Walk Activity” on May31st.  It was an anti-bullying activity sponsored by our Olweus Committee. Students submitted positive messages to their AP class and were selected by their group to write their message out front on our sidewalk. 

    Below is the list of students who were selected by their AP to write their message.

    6th grade:  Emma Drapeaux, Amaya Hollins-Porter, Aden Jones, Maddie Maidlow, Addison Miller, Mackenzie Powell, Bella Steiner, and Lily Torres. 

    7th grade:  Emma Croxton, Alexis Giesler, Alyssa Holton, Lily Neece, Bayilee Roberts, Khamaryon Rush, Jordyn Sierra, and Analicia Young. 

    8th grade:  Elizabeth Baylor, Kayleigh Bergthold, Lauren Boynton, Payton Cozzens, Luke Haugen, Neveah Kobilka, Krystal Lang, Amir Lomas, Kristian Moon, Madison Ruefer, and Lucas Stevens.