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  • Wood Administration
    Sheri Simpson-Schultz, Principal
    Eric Johnson, Associate Principal
    5701 North Division Street
    Davenport, IA  52806
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  • Students ‘Walk A Mile’ Activity Teaches Empathy at Wood

    “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” School-wide Bully Prevention activity:

    During the advisory classes at Wood, students were asked to write a poem reflecting on their own life, and to share what it is like to “Walk a Mile In My Shoes.”  Then poems in the shape of shoes were hung in the hallways (anonymously) so that students could later participate in a gallery walk and to see other students poems/ shoes.  The purpose of this bully prevention activity was for students to reflect upon experiences thus far in their lives and to also see what is going on from a different perspective, i.e. a peers life.  Ultimately the message was to be kind to others- as you don’t know what others have been through.  Even the best of us have bad days and peers being unkind just adds to the negativity of a bad day.   On the other hand, kind gestures and positive messages can counter a bad day!