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  • Wood Administration
    Sheri Simpson-Schultz, Principal
    Eric Johnson, Associate Principal
    5701 North Division Street
    Davenport, IA  52806
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  • Ms. Marzen’s 6th Graders Study Water Quality

    Melanie Marzen, first year 6th Grade Science Teacher, and Jamie Pratt, Talented and Gifted Facilitator, have been co-planning and co-teaching a cool new 6th grade science unit. The students are engaged in a six-week unit that explores historical, environmental and legal issues around water quality. Classroom experiments, community investigations, visiting speakers and student research projects will culminate in a formal presentation by students of their recommendations to community leaders on May 16th. This “Living With Floods” project educates and empowers youth to be part of the solution to global water quality challenges. We are working with Nahant Marsh, Scott Co. Waste Commission, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Davenport Public Works, Wapsi River Center and more while amping up the rigor of our classroom to the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Students are culminating the unit with a Poster Presentation Night for the Community we have called, “Not Just a Drop in The Bucket! Water Quality Matters to Wood Students!”