l Arrival and Dismissal Times | Williams Intermediate School
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  • Principal:  Alan Hartley

    Associate Principal: Kristin Huggins

    3040 N. Division Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone: (563) 445-5250
    Fax: (563) 445-5960

  • Arrival and Dismissal Times

    Arrival time for students is 8:50. Students here for breakfast can go in the breakfast doors at 8:40. Students not going to breakfast line up at their grade level doors. Unless students have a pass from a teacher, are coming for intramurals, or go to the nurse’s office for morning meds., students arriving to school before 8:50 will be expected to wait outside at their grade level doors. Supervision of students on school grounds by staff members begins at 8:50.Students should not be waiting at the front doors to enter the building. Per the school district temperature guidelines, when the principal or associate principal decide the temperature is too cold to wait outside, then students will be allowed to enter through their grade level doors at 8:50 and go to assigned areas for supervision until it is time to go to class. Williams wants all students safe from the outdoor elements during this winter season. Dismissal Time- students must leave school grounds as soon as possible when the dismissal bell rings at 4:00 and no later than 4:20 unless they are participating in a school activity or working with a staff member.