l TEACHER GAFE (Google Apps for Education) SITES | West High School
  • WEST HIGH SCHOOLPrincipal: Cory Williams
    3505 West Locust Street, Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone:  563.723.5600;  Fax:  563.445.5954

    ATTENTION:  Visitors will be limited while we are in the Hybrid model due to Covid.  We can conduct basic daily business by phone or curbside.  Call the school at 563-723-5600.   Thank you for understanding and call with questions.   Must have Photo ID to enter building.

  • TEACHER GAFE (Google Apps for Education) SITES

    Google Chrome Sign-in Page…click on Students. Sign in with e-locker user name@students.davenport.k12.ia.us  and use your e-locker password.

    Language Arts   


    Ms. Searle’s Classes                                    Mrs. Choate’s Classes
    Ms. Sheehey’s Classes Ms. Rietz’s Classes                                              
    Ms. Blocker’s Language Arts               Ms. Hall’s Classes
    Mrs. Ray’s Classes Mr. Kintigh’s Classes
    Mrs. Hansen’s Classes  
    Ms. Kroening’s 9th Grade  
    Mrs. McDermott’s Classes  



    Mr. Yoder’s Life Science                                    
    Mrs. Jensen’s Science  Class                        
    Ms. Andrews’ Science Classes  


    Math With Ms. Gosse
    McEleney’s Math Rocks
    Ms. Armetta

    Social Studies

    Mr. Achs
    Mr. Baldry’s Page
    Zimm Land
    Mr. Cousins

    Special Education

    Eric Long’s Site
    Barber’s Blurbs

    Ms. Wheeler
    Neumann’s News
    Christensen’s Chatter

    Ms. Schwartzhoff’s Classes

    World Languages

    La Sra Burton

    Physical Education

    Fox’s Page
    Mr. Belz’s Classes
    Mr. Crane’s Page
    Mr. Gill
    Mr. Paulson’s Page


    Smith’s PLTW


    Ms. Oates



          Ms. Easley