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    Principal: Mike Lawler
    3505 West Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone:  563.386.5500
    Fax:  563.386.5508

    Adults entering the building must provide a PHOTO ID.

  • A-C


    Mr. Achs    Ms. Barber  Ms. Castelluccio 
    Social Studies Advanced Literacy French
    Ms. Anderson  Ms. Bean   Ms. Cervantes 
    Family and Consumer Science Exceptional Education Math
    Mr. Anderson  Mr. Belz  Ms. Choate 
    Art Physical Education Academy English
    Ms. Andrews  Ms. Berg  Ms. Christensen 
    Science Physical Education Advanced Literacy
    Ms. Armetta  Mr. Bigler   Mr. Combs 
    Math Physical Education  SWS Facilitator
    Mr. Ator  Ms. Blocker  Mr. Cousins 
    IJAG Academy English U.S. History
    Ms. Baca  Ms. Bowe  Mr. Crane 
     Earth/Space Exceptional Education  Physical Education
    Mr. Baldry  Mr. Brosius  Ms. Cress 
    Sociology Business Science
    Mr. Baldwin  Ms. Burns Ms. Crossen (Now Jones)  
    Exceptional Education Exceptional Education Counselor
      Ms. Burton  
      Spanish III