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    Principal: Mike Lawler
    3505 West Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone:  563.386.5500
    Fax:  563.386.5508

    Adults entering the building must provide a PHOTO ID.

  • A-C


    Mr. Achs    E-mail Ms. Barber  E-mail Ms. Castelluccio  E-mail
    Social Studies Advanced Literacy French
    Ms. Anderson  E-mail   Ms. Cervantes  E-mail
    Family and Consumer Science   Math
    Mr. Anderson  E-mail Ms. Bean   E-mail Ms. Choate  E-mail
    Art Exceptional Education Academy English
    Ms. Andrews  E-mail Mr. Belz  E-mail Ms. Christensen  E-mail
    Science Physical Education Advanced Literacy
    Ms. Armetta  E-mail Ms. Berg  E-mail  Mr. Combs  E-mail
    Math Physical Education  SWS Facilitator
    Mr. Ator  E-mail Mr. Bigler  E-mail Mr. Cousins  E-mail
    IJAG Physical Education U.S. History
     Ms. Baca  E-mail  Ms. Blocker  E-mail Mr. Crane  E-mail
     Earth/Space  Academy English Physical Education
    Mr. Baldry  E-mail Ms. Bowe  E-mail Ms. Cress  E-mail
    Sociology Exceptional Education Science
    Mr. Baldwin  E-mail  Ms. Burton   E-mail  Ms. Crossen (Now Jones)  E-mail
    Exceptional Education  Spanish III  Counselor