l Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) | West High School
    Principal: Cory Williams
    3505 West Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone:  563.723.5600; Fax:  563.445.5954

    ATTENTION:  Must have Photo ID to enter building.

  • Iowa College Access Network (ICAN)

    Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) – visit www.ICANsucceed.org for help with career planning, college planning, financial aid and FAFSA help.

    To schedule an appointment for FAFSA help, go to www.ICANsucceed.org/apt or call 1-877-272-4692.

    SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday 2/19/20 at 5:30pm Lupe Hernandez from ICAN will be giving the Understanding Financial Aid presentation in the library.  This is the same day as parent/teacher conferences.  3:50pm to 6:50pm

    ICAN Freshman Countdown to College Calendar

    ICAN Sophomore Countdown to College Calendar

    ICAN Junior Countdown to College Calendar

    ICAN Senior Countdown to College Calendar

    Instructions to make a FAFSA ID.   FAFSA Card.(2 sided).   Items needed can be found on this list.