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    ATTENTION:  Visitors will be limited while we are in the Hybrid model due to Covid.  We can conduct basic daily business by phone or curbside.  Call the school at 563-723-5600.   Thank you for understanding and call with questions.   Must have Photo ID to enter building.

  • Counseling & Student Services

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    Students in Life Skills Program Students in BD Program   Students in Intensive ESL The Nest Coordinator
      Students with 504 Plans     Purposity Coordinator


    Ms. Reagan Mrs. Jones Mrs. Murphy Ms. Soedt Ms. O’Hare
    563-723-5600, ext. 320 563-723-5600, ext. 315 563-723-5600, ext. 319 563-723-5600, ext. 317 563-723-5600, ext. 318














    College Application Week ~ September 20-26

    If you need a schedule adjustment, please complete this online form.  Thank you!

    Counselor Office Hours: 7:35am – 3:15pm, Monday – Friday. (2020-2021)

    Student Services also maintains all student records and official transcripts.

    Student Services Office Hours: 7:15am – 3:45pm, Monday – Friday. 

    West High School Counseling Department


    The mission of the West High School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that promotes the academic and career goals of students while supporting the personal and social needs of a diverse and ever-changing population. 


    The West High School Counseling Department, along with the parents and staff, will challenge and inspire students to learn, inquire and prepare to become productive citizens and contributors in our ever-changing global society.


    The West High School Counseling Department believes…

    • Every student can succeed.
    • All students are unique and should be treated with respect.
    • Learning is a lifelong process.
    • The diverse needs of all students must be addressed in the classroom and through the school counseling program.
    • A comprehensive, developmental school counseling program is an integral part of the total education program.
    • A developmentally appropriate school counseling program provides important benefits to individual students by addressing their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and psychological needs.
    • All students learn best when positive relationships are present and fostered by all educational stakeholders.
    • All students-regardless of ability, age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation-shall have equal access to all services (academic, career, and personal/social) provided by the counseling program and the school.
    • The counseling program will use data to drive the current needs of the students.

    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements will be changing as we move from our “block” schedule to a “traditional” schedule.  This change will affect the credit requirements for each graduating class over the next 4 years.  Click below to view the Graduation Requirement Worksheets for your grade level/cohort:

    9th grade: Class of 2023

    10th grade: Class of 2022

    11th grade: Class of 2021

    12th grade: Class of 2020