l Counseling & Student Services | West High School
    Principal: Cory Williams
    3505 West Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone:  563.723.5600; Fax:  563.445.5954

    ATTENTION:  Must have Photo ID to enter building.

  • Counseling & Student Services


    Counseling and Student Services attempts in all ways to be a source of help to the students, teachers, and parents of West High School. Its primary goal is to help each student overcome any obstacle that might interfere with his/her successful education at West and to prepare him/her for post-secondary goals.

    West High School focuses on the following counseling services:

    • Academic
    • College and Career Planning         
    • Personal/Social

    Students and parents are encouraged to contact counselors at any time during the school day. Counselors will work with students to develop course schedules, assist in handling academic or personal challenges, and plan for post-secondary education and career paths.

    Counselor Office Hours: 8:00am – 3:40pm, Monday – Friday.

    Student Services also maintains all student records and official transcripts.

    Student Services Office Hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday. 

    E-cigarettes and Vaping: Information and Resources

    Using e-cigarettes (“vaping”) is a dangerous and avoidable health risk.  Vaping may cause addiction and have multiple effects, both long and short and long term, on the brain and respiratory system. For more information on health risks, quitting, or supporting another who is attempting to quit, click on the links below. 

    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements will be changing as we move from our “block” schedule to a “traditional” schedule.  This change will affect the credit requirements for each graduating class over the next 4 years.  Click below to view the Graduation Requirement Worksheets for your grade level/cohort:

    9th grade: Class of 2023

    10th grade: Class of 2022

    11th grade: Class of 2021

    12th grade: Class of 2020