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    Principal: Cory Williams
    3505 West Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone:  563.723.5600; Fax:  563.445.5954

    ATTENTION:  Must have Photo ID to enter building.

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    MouseTrap Cars!

    Ms. Hawkinson invited me to her third block Science class to take pictures of her students’ mousetrap cars.  In a breaking-the-stereotype move, Kallie Kealey’s car went 46 feet, while Noah Horton, Jr.’s only went 20.  There was much adjusting and tinkering going on.  The second batch of “racers” included Jalen Smith, Jason Tucker, and Noah Wright with the car that wouldn’t go!  Students learned about the three simple machines utilized by the assignment:  axle, lever, and wheel.  Students experimented with different materials–old CDs, mason jar seals, welding scraps, and 3 vs 4 wheels.  


    Surprise Grant Award Presentation for Mr. Wolf

    Mr. Chad Wolf, flanked on the left by Marc Abel (Region Operations Manager of Century Link) and Kevin E.  Yarbrough (Area Plant Supervisor of Century Link) on the right,  was awarded a check for $4992.28 from CenturyLink.  Wolf had filled out an intensive grant application to furnish a digital studio in Room 103. The one below is decidedly lacking!  Wolf and Ms. Hansen (Journalism) and Ms. McDermott (Yearbook) will work together to give students the kind of relevant hands-on experience that will jump them into the job market/career path right out of high school should they desire. Abel and Yarbrough are excited to visit in a year to see what progress has been made.  Congratulations, Wolf. 

    Charity Week 2017


    Gear Up Program Visits U of I

    GEAR UP Facilitator Sharon Casillas, Mr. Shannon, and Mrs. Miller, and interested West High students visited the University of Iowa.  

    Cooking Class Braids Bread

    Yeast bread lab! Students created their own version of a braided bread in loaf, sticks, or buns.