l Davenport Community Schools | Walcott Elementary & Intermediate School
  • Walcott Elementary & Intermediate School

    Principal: Mike Garnica

    Associate Principal: Lorie Moyer

    545 E. James Street Walcott, Iowa 52773

    Phone: (563) 445-5200            Fax: (563) 445-5959


  • Davenport Community Schools

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    Experience Davenport Community Schools – A District of Distinction!

    Davenport Community Schools have the resources of a large district with the small class sizes and hands-on approach of a hometown school.

    With 32 schools serving the communities of Blue Grass, Buffalo, Davenport, and Walcott, the Davenport Community Schools are resource-rich, blending student and family support programs with a wide range of curricular offerings to create a customized learning environment for all students. We have high expectations, low class sizes, customized curriculum, and a caring learning environment.

    Our approach to education encompasses the whole child, and services are available from preschool through post-secondary learning opportunities. We believe in education for all and meeting students where they are in order to teach each individual student. Through the use of differentiated instruction, students are assessed in areas of knowledge, readiness, language, preferences in learning, and interests in order to customize teaching. In 8th grade, students adopt a 5-year “career track” that guides them through their high school years and best prepares them for post-secondary education. Students who choose to enroll in a variety of dual credit courses can earn college credit at graduation.

    Our extracurricular offerings are as diverse as the community. Davenport Community Schools have a rich history of award-winning fine arts programs as well as a strong athletic legacy with new state-of-the-art practice and competition facilities. Each building boasts its own clubs which reflect the interest and make-up of that building.