l Pickup & Dropoff of Students | Walcott Elementary & Junior High School
  • Walcott Elementary & Junior High School

    Principal: Mike Garnica

    Associate Principal: Garet Egel

    545 E. James Street Walcott, Iowa 52773

    Phone: (563) 445-5200            Fax: (563) 445-5959


  • Pickup & Dropoff of Students

    Students may not enter the building until 9:03 am without a pass unless they are arriving for breakfast in the cafeteria. They should be off school grounds by 4:15 pm unless participating in a school activity or under the supervision of a teacher. School starts at 9:10 am. School dismissal time is 4:00 pm except on Wednesday when it will be 3:00 pm. Check District calendar for details.

    Students should not arrive at school too early. When we do not have adults present to provide supervision, parents/guardians continue to be responsible for the students’ safety and well-being. Children coming to Davenport Community School District to have breakfast in the morning are allowed to enter the building when adult supervision begins. In the case of inclement weather (rain or a temperature of 15 degrees with the wind chill factor), students not eating breakfast may be allowed limited access to the building.

    Vehicle drop off and pick-up will be in the back of the building.

    Davenport Community School District is served by several school buses. Buses pick up and drop off students in the designated loading area. For safety reasons, NO PARENT/GUARDIAN VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED IN THE BUS LOADING AREA.