1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA


The Vision 2020 plan was presented to the Davenport Community Schools Board members at the regular Board meeting on February 26, 2018. Board members heard recommendations from district administration on a responsible and proactive plan that we can take to restructure its facilities and finances while preserving our values and strengths.

The Davenport Community School District is facing difficult realities in the present and the future. It is important to retain our areas of strength, continue to support our District of Distinction initiatives, and honor our part. Our diverse urban district offers students unique opportunities. We want to continue to support those opportunities as well as being able to respond to new opportunities to provide the best possible education for our students.

The realities we face include a loss of 2,298 students from the 1991-1992 through the 2017-2018 school year. With our current enrollment we have an excess capacity in our schools that could accommodate over 2,000 additional students.  State projections show that our enrollment may be don by 600 students by the year 2023. These enrollment trends, combined with an assumption of continued State Supplemental Aid increases of 1% per year and a loss of revenue totalling $13,274,250 due to inequality in State per pupil funding for the past 40 years, means that we must restructure in order to be fiscally prudent and continue to provide a high-quality public education for our students.

The Vision 2020 presentation to the Board was the first step in a lengthy and methodical process of presenting more detailed facts to the Board for public discussion. Please take time to review Vision 2020 and share your thoughts with us via email at Feedback.  

We will also be holding public meetings later this Spring and will provide information on dates, times, and locations well in advance.