1702 N. Main St.
Davenport, IA

Message from Interim Superintendent T.J. Schneckloth

Dear Davenport Community Schools Families,

Summer break is coming up quickly. Our students’ last day of school is Thursday, June 6th. For many families, summer is a time of fun activities. Even the simplest activities can provide opportunities to engage children in learning that can help them focus on various skills with the goal of empowering children to think critically. 

The  lemonade stand can be fun while exercising math reasoning and social skills. Trips to the grocery store can become lessons in nutrition and an opportunity to learn where foods actually come from. Plant a small garden together. It’s more interesting to eat something new when you’ve raised it yourself. Take a walk in the neighborhood or in a public park where you can identify plants and small animals. Davenport has wonderful public libraries. Encourage your child to ready daily and allow them to choose the book. You could also read a book together that connects to one of your daily outings. A walk along the river or a lake  could lead to an interest in the fish and wildlife that live in and around the water, as well as how lakes or rivers are formed.

Summer learning can be fun for both parents and children. Stay curious, be active, and have a wonderful summer!


T.J. Schneckloth, Interim Superintendent