Superintendent’s Message: Budget Reductions

Dr. Art Tate, Superintendent

Dr. Art Tate, Superintendent

For the past several years, our district has faced discussions on budget reductions. We need to continue to reduce our expenses, not because we do not have money in the bank, but because if we do not reduce general fund expenses, we run the risk of exceeding our spending authority.

Spending authority is similar to a salary cap in professional sports. It is a spending limit set by the State that districts cannot exceed. In order to increase our spending authority, the district must reduce general fund expenses by more than $8 million over the next three years.

We are looking at a gradual, transparent, three-year process to make these reductions. A copy of the three-year plan can be found on our website at Budget Reductions . You’ll also find list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please take time to review the plan. The Board will be having many discussions about the items identified on the plan in the months ahead. Our budget for the 2015-2016 school year must be certified by April 15, 2015.

Please share your ideas or concerns via email at Feedback and your emails will be shared with Superintendent Tate and our Board members.


Dr. Arthur W. Tate, Superintendent