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  • Superintendent’s Message: Attendance Matters


    It might surprise you to know that when a student misses just two days of school per month – a total of 18 days out of the school year-that student is considered chronically absent. Research shows that chronic absence has a strong impact on student achievement.

    Attendance matters, beginning in kindergarten. According to national data, chronically absent students:

    • Score 20% lower in reading and math in the higher grades
    • Are half as likely to be reading at grade level by the third grade

    Students who continue to be chronically absent:

    • Are less likely to graduate from high school or attend college
    • Continue having attendance problems in school and in their careers

    All absences impact student success. We realize that there are times when a student may need to stay at home due to illness or an emergency. However, we’ve asked our families to “Strive for Less Than 5” (absences per school year).

    Attending school daily offers students a path to academic success, along with the knowledge, skills, and good attendance habits that will help them be successful throughout their lives.

    It all begins with you and we’re asking for your help. “Strive for Less Than 5!”


    Dr. Arthur W. Tate, Superintendent