Superintendent’s Message: Welcome Back

The new school year has begun and we’re off to a smooth start after a summer of planning, preparation, and construction/renovation projects.  Many individuals and departments work hard to ensure that everything is ready for our students on the first day of school.

As always, our primary focus is on increasing student achievement. Several years ago I challenged all of our staff and administrators to ask themselves daily “What have I done today to help a student achieve?”  Every employee plays a role in supporting student achievement. Our teachers, principals, and counselors are one the front lines daily with students. However, students also need a clean, comfortable, safe classroom environment; nourishing meals; enrichment activities outside their core subjects; along with interest and encouragement from other adults. We support our students by ensuring their families feel welcome in our schools. We support student achievement by offering families timely communications about their child’s progress and information about student and family supports, as needed. These are only a few of the many pieces that go into helping our students be successful in school. We continue to ask “What more can we do?” and then do whatever it takes to help our students.

School personnel, district administration, families, and community partners are committed to working together to help our students succeed. We wish each of your a great 2015-2016 school year!


Dr. Arthur W. Tate, Superintendent