Superintendent’s Message: Parent Conferences

Dr. Art Tate, Superintendent

Dr. Art Tate, Superintendent

I was sitting in a meeting and heard the best comment I could have hoped for.   A member of the committee, a working mother, rushed in slightly late and apologized because she had been at her children’s parent-teacher conferences. She didn’t owe anyone an apology. This busy mother was doing important work with her children’s teachers.

Parent-teacher conferences are just one of the ways parents and teachers can communicate and find ways to work together for the benefit of children. No one has all of the answers when it comes to student achievement. Parents need to hear how their children are doing in school in terms of academics and social/behavioral skills. Teachers need information that parents have to help them reach a child who may be struggling, challenge a child who sails through every lesson, or nudge a child who is doing okay in school, but might be able to do more.

Teachers can offer homework help and fun enrichment activities. Parents can help teachers understand if there may be situations beyond the child’s control that require additional support from the teacher and school staff. Through conversations, parents and teachers may identify a child’s unique gifts and build on them to create a passion for life-long learning.

Parents and teachers communicating openly and working together are one of the most important keys to a child’s success in school. Please take every opportunity to know your child’s teacher, be a familiar face at his or her school, ask questions, and share information.


Dr. Arthur W. Tate, Superintendent