1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA
  • Superintendent’s Message: Walk With Me

    During the school year I normally spend at least two to three hours per day in our schools. As the instructional leader for the District, I want to see for myself what is happening in our schools at all levels. I also want our students, staff, and administrators to know that I’m interested in their progress and available to help them.

    Recently I walked through one of our high schools and was delighted by what I saw in the classrooms. I watched students in an auto shop taking apart and reassembling brakes, a vocal music class whose students amazed me with their talent and their knowledge of music theory. I visiting a foods class where the teacher and students were making apple dumplings using Mt. Dew for the liquid in the recipe and the results smelled delicious! From there I joined a marketing class whose members had designed a school spirit shirt and were working on a plan to market and sell the shirts.  These are only a few of the experiences I had during a visit to  one school in our district.

    Each day I have the opportunity to see first-hand the great things happening in our schools. I’m proud of the work our students and staff are doing.


    Dr. Arthur W. Tate, Superintendent