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  • Sudlow Intermediate School
    Principal: Tonya Wilkins
    Associate Principal: Cory VanDeWalle
    1414 E. Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
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  • PBIS at Sudlow

    What is PBIS?

    Positive Based Interventions and Support provides a framework to help students improve academic and behavioral outcomes. It is a school-wide system with processes intended to teach behavioral expectations the same way as core curriculum subjects.

    Sudlow Intermediate has a PBIS Core Team consisting of members representing administration, faculty, staff, including Mississippi Bend AEA PBIS Coach. The Core team meets on a regular basis and has the responsibility of implementing and monitoring the school-wide PBIS plan. The PBIS team meets to review the discipline data, track progress, identify areas to target for intervention across the entire building, communicate intervention data and findings, and plan for interventions(s).

    The PBIS behavioral expectations and routines are taught in the classroom using specific lessons for the behavioral expectation to be taught with R.O.a.R.

    How Does it Work?

    Positive Based Interventions and Supports works with interventions at three levels:

    Tier 1 (80-90% of Students): Core Classroom Instruction and Supports: Develop System to teach school-wide expectations; Recognize, acknowledge or reward appropriate behavior through school-wide assemblies, classroom recognitions, or individual acknowledgements; Develop consistent school-wide behavior management system; Analyze behavioral data to identify trends and develop school-wide interventions.

    Tier 2 (5-15% of Students): Targeted and Supplemental Supports: Develop behavior resource team to analyze behavioral data to identify students in need of supplemental supports; Develop, provide and monitor progress of group interventions for at-risk students.

    Tier 3 (1-7% of Students): Individual and Intensive Supports: Use of Functional Behavioral Analysis and Behavior Analysis and Behavior Intervention Planning; Develop individualized positive behavior supports for students with intensive needs; Utilize wraparound services for students and families.

    Sudlow’s ROaR Expectations by Settings Matrix

      Respect Organize Responsible
    Classroom Respond appropriately to requests & prompts from adults

    -Listen actively when others are speaking (Students & Staff)

    -Accept responses of classmates

    -Have all needed materials for each class (Chromebook, planner, pencil, etc.)

    -Be ready to start class on time

    -Complete and turn in work on time

    -Take responsibility for your actions

    -Advocate for your learning by participating actively

    -Do what you’re asked the first time

    -Accept feedback

    Cafeteria -Patient in line

    -Eat your own food

    -Use school appropriate language and inside voice

    -Follow adult instruction(s)


    -Food/drinks remain in cafeteria

    -Electronics, earbuds, hoods and hats remain off

    -Know your pin

    -Get food and utensils

    -Remain in cafe’ until picked up by your teacher.

    -Keep food on tray

    – Trays placed in appropriate spot.

    -Keep area clean

    -Trash thrown away in the appropriate spot

    -Sit next to those who will help you make positive choices

    -Pick up food from floor and table

    -Stay at assigned table

    -Raise hand to get to get permission to get up

    -Take care of restroom needs during period



    -Hands and feet to yourself

    -Walking in hall/ stairs

    -inside voice

    -school language

    -Follow adult instruction(s)

    -Food and drink remain in packages/containers


    -Materials needed for class

    -Use assigned locker

    -Lockers used only before/after school and 4th period

    -Walk on the right side

    -In class before the tardy bell.

    -Keep moving

    -Have a pass while not in a classroom.

    -Electronics, earbuds, hoods and hats remain off

    Bathrooms -In your space

    -Use materials/equipment as intended

    -Respect others privacy

    -One student per stall.

    -Throw away trash in appropriate place -To/From class quickly

    -Taking care of business


    -Turn off water after washing

    -Have planner signed to use bathroom

    Before/After School Outside -Trash in receptacles

    -Leaving in a timely manner

    -Follow adult instruction

    -Hands and feet to yourself

    -Use school appropriate language

    -Hands off others property without permission

    -Walk and Lock bikes

    -Visit in your assigned areas

    -Planner/pass for early entrance into building

    -Sports equipment should be carried or in a backpack.

    -Walk bikes, scooters, and skateboards

    -Unsupervised students should arrive at 8:20 am and should be off school grounds by 3:50 pm

    -Once students exit building they are to remain outside

    Bus -Inside voices

    -Use School Appropriate language

    – Stay in seat facing forward

    -Follow adult instruction

    -Hands and feet to yourself

    -Respectful to school materials/equipment

    -Use appropriate gestures towards other

    -Backpack in your seat with materials inside

    -Keep legs and feet out of aisles

    -Being on time for pickup/dropoff

    -Materials and body

    parts remain on bus until student exit

    -Remain seated until students exit

    -Candy, drinks, gum and food items are to remain in containers/package

    Technology -Technology to be used as directed by staff

    -Use technology in allowable locations

    -Visit school appropriate sites as defined by instructor

    -Chromebook should remain in bag during transportation.

    -Always have your chromebook bag.

    -Keep materials in/with your chromebook bag

    -Know passwords and usernames

    -Bag can close

    -Turn off your chromebook at the end of the day

    -Using technology for educational purposes only

    -Plug in your chromebook at the end of the day

    -Wrap up earbuds when borrowing

    – Bring chromebook to class daily

    -Remain on school appropriate sites.

    -Ask if you are unsure about a site being unacceptable

    -Use chromebook assigned to you.

    Guest Speakers and Assemblies -Listen and focus on presentation

    -Applaud appropriately

    -Hands and feet to yourself  -Raise hand to ask question

    – Eyes on the Speaker

    -Remain in seat and wait for dismissal instructions

    -Enter and exit in an orderly manner.

    -Sit with class

    -Quietly engaged in presentation

    -Electronic devices remain off unless directed otherwise.

    (Office, Nurse, Counselor) -Remain quiet in offices

    -Be respectful to others in offices

    -Planners need to be signed as a pass -Take care of needs quickly

    -Personal information is private (yours or others)

    Locker room -Keep electronic devices off and in chromebooks

    -Keep hands and feet off other people’s property

    -Walk while in the locker room

    -Gym clothes are washed and in locker ready for days I have gym.

    -Keep possessions locked up at all times.

    -Make sure you lock your lock when you leave
    Skills room -Come in quietly.

    -Talk only when asked by staff

    -Speak only to staff

    -Follow staff instructions

      -Candy, drinks, gum and food items are to remain in containers/package

    -Complete reflection sheet and other assignments