• Sudlow Intermediate School
    Principal: Tonya Wilkins
    Associate Principal: Cory VanDeWalle
    1414 E. Locust Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52803
    Phone: (563) 445-5150
    Fax: (563) 445-5958

  • Girls Basketball

    Program Overview

    • Practice begins in mid October, a week after the conclusion of the football season
    • The season lasts from November to mid December

    8th Grade Girls Basketball

    Head Coach: Claire Wiese

    Information from Coach Wiese: The first official practice will be Friday 19th from 4:15p-5:30p. The practice schedule is Monday- Friday (4:15p-5:30p). No practice on game days or days school is closed. Parent meeting will be tomorrow Thursday October 18th after school 4:15p-4:30p. THE DEADLINE for ALL concussion forms and physicals is Friday 26th, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Wiese.

    2018 Schedule

    Date Day Away Home Time
    November 1 Thursday Bettendorf Gold Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 5 Monday Sudlow Clinton 4:00 PM
    November 6 Tuesday Williams Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 13 Tuesday Sudlow Muscatine Central 4:00 PM
    November 15 Thursday Smart Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 19 Monday Pleasant Valley White Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 27 Tuesday Sudlow North Scott Red 4:00 PM
    November 29 Thursday Sudlow Bettendorf Black 4:00 PM
    December 3 Monday Wood Sudlow 4:30 PM
    December 6 Thursday Sudlow North Scott Gray 4:00 PM
    December 10 Monday Sudlow Pleasant Valley Blue 4:00 PM
    December 11 Tuesday Muscatine West Sudlow 4:30 PM

    7th Grade Girls Basketball

    Head Coach: Candace Voss
    Assistant Coach: Fred Parks

    Information from Coach Voss: Practice is daily (except Friday October 19th, days we don’t have school, and game days) from 7-8am. Parents can drop off by the main office doors no earlier than 6:45. If they want to play and don’t have paperwork done, they should still attend practices. THE DEADLINE for ALL concussion forms and physicals is Wednesday, October 24th if they intend to be on the team. After this date, they will not be eligible to play on the team. Those who have been in attendance have received an information packet with all information. See or contact Coach Voss with questions or to get an information packet. Physical and concussion forms are available at the school or from Coach Voss at practice and once completed and signed by the doctor and parents, can be turned in to the office. 

    2018 Schedule

    Date Day Away Home Time
    November 1 Thursday Sudlow Bettendorf Gold 4:00 PM
    November 5 Monday Clinton Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 6 Tuesday Sudlow Williams 4:00 PM
    November 13 Tuesday Muscatine Central Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 15 Thursday Sudlow Smart 4:30 PM
    November 19 Monday Sudlow Pleasant Valley White 4:00 PM
    November 27 Tuesday North Scott Red Sudlow 4:30 PM
    November 29 Thursday Bettendorf Black Sudlow 4:30 PM
    December 3 Monday Sudlow Wood 4:30 PM
    December 6 Thursday North Scott Gray Sudlow 4:30 PM
    December 10 Monday Pleasant Valley Blue Sudlow 4:30 PM
    December 11 Tuesday Sudlow Muscatine West 4:00 PM

    Driving Directions to Away Locations

    Clinton Middle School

    Muscatine Central Middle School

    Muscatine West Middle School

    Bettendorf Middle School

    North Scott Junior High School

    Pleasant Valley Junior High