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  • Academic Eligibility for Intermediate School Athletics

    II. A report will be run every Thursday afternoon during the season of a sport by a secretary chosen by the administration and given to the building AD. The report will list students out for the sport with a failing grade in a class or classes. The AD will share the list with the coaches prior to practice on Friday. The coach will inform the student he/she is ineligible to participate in competitions the following week. Official eligibility checks will not occur until the halfway point of the season. The coaches and Activities Directors should monitor grades on a weekly basis beginning on the first day of the season; however, athletes will not become ineligible until the official grade checks begin.

    III. The athlete has the week of ineligibility to meet with the teacher and do what is necessary to raise the grade to passing.

    IV. If the athlete does not raise the grade above an F by the time the academic report is run for the following week, the athlete will be ineligible for the next week. The athlete will continue to be ineligible for a week at a time until the failing grade is raised to a passing mark.

    V. A student with an IEP is not subject to the pass/play rule. The student remains eligible as long as school officials determine the student is making adequate progress towards the goals and objectives on the IEP.

    6th Grade State Policy on Sports

    • State policy states that students are not allowed to participate in school athletics until 7th grade