Title 1 District in Need of Assistance Action Plan

Combination Reading and Math Plan for the Academic Years: 2010-2011 and 2011-2012

During the 2006-2007 school year, the Davenport Community Schools saw positive strides in academic performance among our elementary schools while recognizing the need for increased focus on the proficiency of our intermediate and high school students in both math and reading.

Because of this, there have been significant changes in how curriculum is designed and delivered throughout all grade levels. This has been in response to test scores in some student groups that are not keeping pace with the steep trajectories we’ve set to meet requirements for No Child Left Behind. Another goal has also been to strengthen the consistency of our curriculum and instructional strategies at all levels and across all schools in the district so that all of our students have access to a similar classroom experience regardless of which school they attend. We remain committed to continuous improvement for our students as we plan for the future.

Although we are seeing steady progress in many areas and with many of our identified student groups – especially at the elementary level – there are still areas requiring additional support and response. Because of the achievement gaps that still exist in some subject areas and in some student groups across the district, primarily students with Individual Education Plans (IEP – Special Education Students) and our African American students, our district is designated as a District in Need of Assistance by Iowa Department of Education.

What this means is that the Iowa Department of Education has put together a team of professionals to assist our district in developing action plans for Reading and Math to address the learning needs of students and provided additional support for our local efforts to bolster student achievement, especially among the targeted groups mentioned above. For the past several months – following an intensive site visit by the team from the Department of Education, an audit of instructional practices and resources, research of best practices, meetings including teacher and parent representatives, and analysis of local student data – district leadership and staff have been working on a plan to address these specific needs.

The plan will be monitored and updated as progress is achieved. Your support as an involved parent or interested community member is welcomed as we move toward accomplishing the challenging goals outlined in this plan. If you would like to participate more directly in our efforts, please contact us at feedback@mail.davenport.k12.ia.us