Student Learning Goals

Davenport’s student learning goals are the general expectations for all its graduates. Students graduating from Davenport Community School District will:

  • Apply reading, writing, and speaking skills to communicate effectively
  • Understand and apply mathematical ideas
  • Understand our earth, ecological impact, the physical world, and the cycles of life
  • Understand the development of civic responsibility and the influence of history, geography, government, and economics on individuals and societies
  • Understand, perform, and value music
  • Understand, produce, and value visual art
  • Demonstrate appropriate physical movement and form
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge needed for making life-long health decisions
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills needed to be productive within the context of real life
  • Be knowledgeable about career choices across a variety of areas
  • Apply critical thinking skills when making decisions and solving problems
  • Use technology and other sources of information for a variety of purposes
  • Demonstrate attitudes and skills that support self-directed lifelong learning, personal pursuits, productivity, and conflict resolution
  • Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors that support global understanding, collaboration, diversity, and interdependence