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Iowa School Report Card Information

The Iowa Department of Education has launched a new web-based tool called the Iowa School Report Card, with the goal of making certain education data easier for the public to find and understand. This tool provides a snapshot of every Iowa public schools’ performance on specific measures, such as student attendance and proficiency rates. The Iowa Department of Education developed this new tool in response to a 2013 legislative requirement (House File 215) which mandates the development of a web-based school data tool.

Since this is data that our District regularly shares with parents and the community, it should not hold many surprises. Four years ago the Davenport Community School District was alone in the state in establishing a matrix which ranked our schools for performance and growth. The advantage is in having this data accessible in one location.

The Iowa School Report Card scores schools on up to eight educational measures and assigns an overall rating to each school based on its performance on these measures. More detailed information on these measures and how they are assessed is outlined in our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

A quick overview of our school rankings shows six schools rated Commendable, eleven schools rated Acceptable, five schools rated Needs Improvement, five schools rated Priority, and two schools were Unable to Rate. You can access a quick look at DCS Rankings By School.

The Iowa School Report Card adds dimension to our assessment model which can guide our efforts. Our district has taken many strong steps with the goal of Increasing Student Achievement over the past four years.

Please take time to review the information in the links provided above.  We also encourage parents and community members to view more in-depth data on the Iowa School Report Card site. The data provides an opportunity for conversation with school and District leaders about student achievement.