Elementary Report Card Samples

In an ongoing effort to continue to improve communication between students, parents and schools, the Davenport Community Schools uses standards-based report cards for elementary grades K-5.

This format is based on learning standards the district has for grades K-5 linked in the last column of the table below.  These standards are in various stages of revision to bring into alignment with the Iowa Core Curriculum.  An assessment system of Exceeds, Meets, Needs Improvement, or X – not applicable at this time – E M N X – is be used to indicate student progress on the learning standards in each of the academic areas.  In addition, if a box is blank it is also not applicable at this time.

Full sets of sample report cards are available at each of the elementary buildings, or you can click one of the links below:

Report Card Sample (English)

Tarjeta de Calef icaciones Versión Español

Thành Tích Biểu Người Việt Nam

The district realizes that parents are very concerned with understanding their child’s progress in school and knowing how to best help their student succeeds.  Report cards are one tool in supporting the communication needed between student, parents and teachers to create this connection.