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  • Elementary Report Cards

    Elementary Report Cards

    The purpose of the elementary report is to clearly communicate student progress on district standards. Learning standards and benchmarks identify the essential knowledge and skills that are taught and define what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.

    The elementary report card describes a student’s progress toward mastery on grade level standards. A lack of proficiency on any standard does not imply failure; it means the student needs to continue to develop in that area. The following performance levels are used to report student progress:

    E: Exceeds grade level expectations

    M: Meets grade level expectations

    P: Progressing toward grade level expectations

    B: Beginning foundations for grade level expectations

    Report Card Samples – available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

    Quarter 1

    Quarter 2

    Grade Level Expectations and Resources – available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese

    Quarter 1

    Quarter 2