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    2018-2019 Registration is Full at the Following Sites:


    • Adams Elementary
    • Eisenhower Elementary
    • Hayes Elementary
    • Jackson Elementary
    • Madison Elementary 


    Please call us at 563-528-0973 if you would like to be placed on the Wait-List.

    Or we can be reached via email at steppingstones@davenportschools.org


    2018-2019 Eisenhower Registration Is Full

    Registration for 2018-2019 Eisenhower Elementary  Stepping Stones program

    is currently full.

    Please call us at 563-528-0973 if you would like to be placed on the wait list.

    18-19 Registration

    Stepping Stones Registration will open for the 18-19 school year on Monday, 7/16/18 at 7:30AM at Lincoln School. The last registration taken at 3:30PM each day.  Registration forms & paperwork will be available on our website starting at 7:30AM.  We cannot guarantee acceptance of forms submitted via email until 7/18/18.

    Questions:  563-528-0973


    Eisenhower Stepping Stones and Putnam Museum enrichment

    Putnam Museum Brings Exotic Insects to Eisenhower Stepping Stones

    Karla Thayer, Education Specialist at the Putnam Museum, recently visited Eisenhower Elementary’s Stepping Stones program to provide an engaging science enrichment to students. Ms. Thayer brought hissing cockroaches (native to Madagascar) for students to see. Students learned a great deal about these interesting insects, discussing everything from the rainforest habitat of Madagascar to the anatomy of the insect’s head, thorax, and abdomen. It was a fun lesson where students received some after-school learning in science, geography, and even a visual art activity. Enjoy the photos!

    QC Botanical Center Provides Enrichment at Wilson Stepping Stones

    QC Botanical Center Provides Enrichment at Wilson Stepping Stones

    Greg Wolf, Education Director at the Quad City Botanical Center, recently visited Wilson Elementary’s Stepping Stones program to provide a fun and educational science enrichment to students. During the visit, students learned about the biology of worms (specifically their sensitivity to daylight) and embarked on a scavenger hunt related to the process of “vermicomposting,” or using worms to aid in creating compost. Enjoy the photos!

    Register here

    2016-17 Stepping Stones Afterschool Program Registration

    Registration for 2016-17 Stepping Stones afterschool programs is now open! 

    Registration can be done in person at the Stepping Stones Office located at 318 E. 7th Street Davenport, Iowa, office hours are 7:30AM – 4:00PM Monday – Friday. Forms are available online here, or at the Stepping Stones office. New forms must be completed each year. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Please call if you have any questions, 563-528-0973. We offer the Stepping Stones program at the following schools for the 2016-17 school year: Adams, Buchanan, Eisenhower, Fillmore, Garfield, Harrison, Hayes, Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, McKinley, Monroe, Truman, Washington, and Wilson Elementary Schools.  Please inquire for fees.

    Stepping Stones Staff Reflect on Strengths of the Program

    Please enjoy the following video, as Stepping Stones staff members take time to reflect on the program, its impact on students, and what each of them learn while working with students:


    Stepping Stones Students Have a Blast at 2015 Youth Fest


    Stepping Stones students visited Youth Fest today, on a pleasant morning where temperatures stayed just below 70 degrees. Youth Fest is an annual event that takes place at Fejervary Park and is organized by the City of Davenport Parks and Recreation Department. Students enjoyed the fun and educational event, engaging in art and music activities, a petting zoo, STEM activities, learning labs, and many other fun stations. Enjoy today’s photo gallery!

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    2015-16 Registration Begins July 6th

    Registration for 2015-16 Stepping Stones after school  programs opens on Monday July 6th, 2015. 

    All forms are available in the Stepping Stones office at 318 E 7th Street Davenport, Iowa or on this part of our web site. In order to register, all registration paperwork, a $25 registration fee, and one month prepayment is required. Stepping Stones does accept 3rd party payment, notice of decision must be provided in order to be considered registered, families are still responsible for the $25 registration fee.  Please call the office at 563-528-0973 or email steppingstones@davenportschools.org with further questions. The Stepping Stones office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM – 4:00pm.

    Local Artist Provides Art Enrichments

    Amie Rogers, local artist and Augustana College graduate, has been serving as an AmeriCorps service member with the Stepping Stones program since August. She provides art enrichment to Stepping Stones youth, teaching students about design elements and art principles, while exploring different materials, media, and techniques. Shaney Ford, Stepping Stones Manager, says, “Art experiences have always been an important part of Out of School Time Programs. They give youth an opportunity to learn skills, practice techniques, experiment, and talk about their work, in a safe environment with caring adults. We do things in Stepping Stones that most of us never got to do at home, because we didn’t have the right materials – or it just made too much of a mess!” Jennifer Best, Stepping Stones evaluator says, “Research shows that participation in art gives youth an opportunity to express feelings, nurture self-efficacy, and encourage engagement with the community. It has also been linked to greater academic success.” Stepping Stones thanks Amie Rogers in her service to Stepping Stones during the 2014-2015 school year!