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Solar Power Information Forums

The Davenport Community School District’s administration and Board of Directors is investigating the possibility of using solar power to meet as much of the the district’s electrical demand as possible. The District has been working for a number of years to lower its energy costs through a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Reducing our carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels is the right thing to do from a larger perspective. Working to make our operations as energy efficient as possible is the right financial move for us. We have already found that geothermal heating/air conditioning at 15 of our schools has provided a comfortable classroom environment for our students and staff, as well as significant energy cost savings. 

We shared the information we have about the proposed project with our parents, staff, and the community at two informational forums on January 4 and January 5, 2017. We received valuable feedback from both the forums and via email. The Board discussion will continue in January and February, so please check Board Meeting Agendas on our website.

Please take a look at the Proposed Solar Panel Locations and Frequently Asked Questions. Additional documents available are the originally proposed Solar Power Purchase Agreement, the Proposed Solar Power Term Sheet, the proposed Power Purchased Agreement Responsibility Matrix and a MidAmerican Energy Solar Power Presentation that was presented to the Board to ensure that the Board has additional viewpoints on any solar power proposals. The photo of the solar installation underway for a Kelona Rural Electric Co-Op helps in visualizing the size and scale of ground mount solar panel arrays.

We welcome your comments via email at Solar Power Feedback and may use answers to selected questions to update our Frequently Asked Questions.