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  • Student Chromebooks

    We are excited to inform you about the 1:1 chromebook program that Smart Intermediate has moved to this year.  It marks the beginning of an era where students will have immediate access to information via their own Chromebook.  We hope this initiative will bring the 21st Century to the forefront, as well as engage your children in additional critical thinking, collaboration and communication activities.  

     This past week, we have checked out a chromebook, charger and bag to each student.  The chromebook will be used in the classroom and home for educational purposes. Teachers will vary in their expectations for laptop/chromebook use, but your child will be using this tool for instruction, assignments, projects, research and assessment throughout the day. 

     As is the case with usage of any school equipment such as textbooks, musical instruments or other school property, you are responsible for any costs associated with the damage and/or loss of the device and responsible to return the device in good working order. If damage does occur, please have your child report it to their SOAR teacher as soon as possible.  It is often easier and cheaper to complete a repair as soon as it happens rather than waiting.

    Clearly we are making a move to have technology be an integral part of your student’s education and will require that your student has the appropriate technology at school to support his/her learning.  This is why we will not be allowing your student to opt out of receiving a Chromebook. Every student will have been provided with the tools necessary to support the integration of technology into the learning process.

    All students have signed a Chromebook User Agreement.  A copy of this is available on our school website. Please take a few moments to find and read this important document.  Your students have gone over it with their teachers and signed it before they were checked out a chromebook.

    Parents are our partners and we would like to ask you to remind your students that their Chromebook is an important classroom supply.  Please talk with them about the importance of taking care of it, bringing it to class every day and being responsible. Students should take care when carrying it, be sure they know where it is at all times and use it appropriately.  Some of the things that may be helpful to you as a parent is to remember that at home, you are able to set limits for your household on devices. It is also helpful to set up a place for them to be charged and make it part of your daily routine to do so.

    Please review the Student Chromebook User Agreement

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.