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  • (PBIS) Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

    What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) is a systematic approach to proactive, campus-wide discipline that applies evidence based practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish a positive school culture. This approach focuses on “catching the student being good,” using “teachable moments,” redirection, and acknowledging accomplishments as opposed to a punitive format. Negative consequences are built in the program, but the emphasis is on positive outcomes. 


    4 Key Components of PBIS

    1. Clear expectations for behaviors are defined
    2. Expected behavior is taught
    3. Positive behavior is reinforced through an acknowledgement system
    4. Data is used to determine successes and barriers to reaching the desired behavior and academic goals.


    Our Philosophy

    The school-wide process emphasizes the creation of systems that support the adoption and durable implementation of evidence-based practices and procedures, which aligns with school improvement efforts and effects student learning. Our interactive approach includes opportunities to correct and improve by focusing on systems, data, practices and outcomes to improve every student’s behavioral and academic success.


    The PBIS Purpose

    • To encourage the behaviors we want to occur again
    • Harness the influence of the students who are showing expected behaviors
    • Strengthen positive behaviors
    • Prompt adults to recognize expected behaviors


    What are the PBIS Expectations?

    Throughout the Smart Jr. High campus, you will notice charts, known as Matrixes – shown below, posted with our Universal specific behavior expectations (common areas to all) and area specific behavior expectations. The desired behaviors to be learned and displayed fall into the four categories of our Smart Jr. High Promise to Respect: Self, Others, Adults, and Resources. 

    Our staff will be teaching, redirecting, and re-teaching these desired behaviors at the beginning of the school year until each student knows exactly what is expected of him/her in each environment on campus. Students will be rewarded frequently throughout the day for the absence of problem behavior. This is what we mean when we say we will “catch the child being good.”

    Need Additional Assistance?

    Please fill out if you have a student concern about their behavior or academic performance. The Student Intervention Team will review all requests and respond back in a timely manner.: https://forms.gle/PoPXXmESmHEEacGT9