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  • Physical Education


    Name of Course: Physical Education 7
    Course #: M23711
    Course Length: 1 Semester (alternate quarters)


    Course Description:

    This course provides students with the opportunity to learn a variety of games and sports while refining specific movements and strategies. Personal fitness is measured, and goals are set and reflected on throughout the course. Emphasis is placed on active participation and positive social interaction during fitness and sport activities. 



    • S1.M4: Passes and receives with feet in combination with locomotor patterns of running and change of direction and speed with competency in invasion games such as soccer or speedball
    • S1.M8/9: Dribbles with dominant and nondominant hand, foot, or implement using a change of speed and direction in a variety of practice tasks
    • S1.M12: Executes consistently (at least 70% of the time) a legal underhand serve to a predetermined target for net/wall games such as badminton, volleyball, or pickleball
    • S2.M2: Executes at least 2 of the following offensive tactics to create open space: uses a variety of passes, pivots and fakes; give and go
    • S2.M6: Transition from offense to defense or defense to offense by recovering quickly and communicating with teammates
    • S3.M15: Designs and implements a program of remediation for 2 areas of weakness based on the results of health-related fitness assessment
    • S4.M1: Exhibits responsible social behaviors by cooperating with classmates, demonstrating inclusive behaviors and supporting classmates
    • S4.M4: Demonstrates cooperation skills by establishing rules and guidelines for resolving conflicts
    • S5.M3: Generates positive strategies such as offering suggestions or assistance, leading or following others and providing possible solutions when faced with a group challenge





    Instructional Practices & Support

    Instructional practices will be aligned to the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) Framework.

    Teachers will maximize classroom time to provide instructional opportunities that are targeted and tailored to student needs. Students will experience high-quality instruction which includes: 

    • A classroom culture that adheres to productive classroom norms and relationships
    • High quality tasks that lend to authentic engagement
    • Productive discussions where students make sense, justify and generalize


    Classroom Management Procedures

    Classroom management procedures will be aligned to the multi-tiered system of support framework, Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) to build an emotionally safe, positive and engaging environment. Teachers will understand, support and implement orchestration of the elements in the classroom:

    • Establish positive ongoing teacher-student relationships
    • Establish, post, and teach rules and procedures regularly
    • Implement proactive strategies and interventions
    • Use of acknowledgment system with specific immediate praise, and feedback 
    • Manage student behavior with a continuum of corrective strategies 


    Assessment Plan

    • Students will be given multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency following additional instruction and ongoing assessment, 
    • Multiple data points will be used to determine the reported grade (formative and/or summative)
    • Ongoing assessments may be given in a format different than the original and re-assessment will be given when students demonstrate new learning 
    • The time frame of ongoing assessments will be determined by the team and individual teachers based on student progress.
    • Late work will be accepted without penalty within the unit of study.
    • Extra credit will not be factored into grading.