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  • DCSD Grading for 100% Online Only Families

    Edgenuity provides information on mastery of learning using the traditional grading scale, not by standards based grading. Earlier this school year we communicated that we would be using standard based grading to report student progress in Edgenuity.
    Moving forward we will be using the traditional grading scale for all students using the Edgenuity platform. The percentage that will be reported at the end of 2nd semester, Feb. 12th 2020, will be the Actual Grade Percentage (AG)  
    The traditional grading scale is: 90-100% A; 80-89% B; 70-79% C; 60-69% D; 0-59% – F
    Every week you should be receiving a grade report that includes all classes. If you are not please let us know. Below is an example, just click on the link. The highlighted portion shows where the Actual Grade Percentage is located so you are aware of how your child is doing in the class. If you have concerns with a class or classes please contact the teacher.
    Mrs. Heskett Soc. Studies
    Mrs. Dillie ELA
    Ms. Baca Science
    Mr. Brown Math