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Board Policy 601 – Structure and Operation

Board Policy Administrative regulation
601.01 Type of School Organization (Revised 6/09/08) (Reviewed 8/26/13)
601.02 School Calendar (Revised 8/25/08) (Revised 7/14/14) (Revised 6/10/19)
601.03 Instructional Accountability (Revised 6/09/08) (Reviewed 8/26/13)
601.04 Instructional Time Audit (Delete 3/11/96)
601.05 Curriculum Adoption (Delete 5/8/00)




Type of School Organization

The schools shall be organized into levels of instruction as follows:

  1. Elementary Schools: the elementary schools shall consist of preschool (when present), kindergarten, and grades one through five.

  2. Intermediate Schools: the intermediate schools shall consist of grades six through eight.

  3. High Schools: the high schools shall consist of grades nine through twelve.




School Calendar

The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall have the responsibility for developing, in accordance with appropriate laws, regulations and contracts, an official school calendar to be recommended to the Board for approval and adoption.  Board approval of the school calendar shall occur prior to the time of issuance of personnel contracts for the ensuing year and shall be considered as an official part of these contracts.

The District’s academic calendar shall accommodate the educational program of the District.  The school academic year for students shall be for a minimum of the equivalent to 180 days or 1080 hours in the school calendar.  School district personnel may be required to report to work at the District prior student start date.

The Board shall have the prerogative to amend the school calendar when it is determined to be in the best interest of the District.


  • Cross Reference: Board Policy 502.10 Emergency Closings
  • Legal References: Iowa Code §20.9; 279.10; 281 I.A.C. 12.1 (7), 12.1 (8), 12.1 (9)
  • By action of the Board 11/8/76, 6/13/83; Revised 8/9/93; Revised 6/26/00; Discussion 8/11/08; Review with further consideration 8/25/08
  • Edited 8/08; Revised 7/14/14; Revised 6/10/19






Instructional Accountability

In such instances where the State mandates specific time allotment by curriculum areas, the District will comply with Iowa Code. The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee may implement additional time in order to meet specific standards or benchmarks of the District.

    • Legal References: Iowa Code § 256.11; 281 Iowa Admin. Code Ch. 12

    • By action of the Board 11/8/76; Revised 6/13/83, 6/9/86, 11/12/90, 2/7/94; Revised 3/11/96; Revised 2/14/00; Revised 06/09/08; Reviewed 8/26/13