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Board Policy 801 – Organization

Board Policy Administrative Regulation
801.01 Board Committees (Revised 11/16/09)(Revised 4/13/15)(Revised 7/13/15)  
801.02 Temporary Committees (Combined with 801.01 on 11/16/09)  




Board Committees
As described below, Board committees include the Committee of the Whole, Standing Committees, and Temporary Committees. 

Committee of the Whole
Consists of all Board members and meets regularly to discuss issues relevant to the district. 

Standing Committees
The Board establishes Standing Committees on an as needed basis. Standing Committees may consist of two, and no more than four, Board members and may include administrative representatives. The Board President will serve as a standing member of the policy committee. 

Temporary Committees
The Board establishes Temporary Committees on an as needed basis to complete a specified task. Such task will be outlined at the time the Temporary Committee is established. A Temporary Committee shall be considered dissolved when its final report is made and received by the Board. A Temporary Committee consists of no more than three board members and may include other appointed members.

In establishing committees, the Board will indicate the duties of the committee and the appointments to the committee, which will be made part of the Board minutes.

If the Board creates a Standing Committee or Temporary Committee to develop and make recommendations on public policy issues, or if more than 3 board members are present, the committee is subject to Iowa Code Chapter 21 Open Meetings provisions.

  • By action of the Board 12/13/76, 7/11/83;
  • Revised 12/10/90; Revised 6/26/00; Revised 11/16/09; Edited 6/00, 11/09;
  • Revised 4/13/15; Revised 7/13/15




Temporary Committees (Combined with 801.01 11/16/09)