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Board Policy 703 – Sites

Board Policy Administrative Regulation
703.01 Site Specifications  Deleted 6/12/00
703.02 Site Acquisition Revised 4/27/09; Revised 3/23/15



BUILDING AND SITES                (Deleted 6/12/00)

Site Specifications

  • By action of the Board 12/13/76, 6/13/83; Revised 8/9/93; Deleted 6/12/00

  • Edited 6/00




Site Acquisition

The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall present to the Board a master site acquisition plan to meet the needs and purposes of the District for future years.

The master site acquisition plan shall be subject to periodic reviews and updating. The administration may engage a qualified third party as needed in making the master site acquisition plan.

It shall be the responsibility of the Board to establish a priority calendar for the acquisition of the various sites.  It is in the best interest of the District to have the administration periodically review potential real estate purchases for future construction as appropriate and reports will be made available to the Board.

Elementary schools shall be centered, insofar as possible, within natural residential areas and located so that children do not have to cross main traffic arteries and railroads.

All provisions as specified by the Code of Iowa shall be followed in site negotiation and acquisition.

  • Legal References: Code of Iowa Chapters 297.1, 297.2, 297.3, 297.6, 297.7, 297.16, 297.17, 297.18, 28A.3

  • By action of the Board 12/13/76, 6/13/83; Reviewed 8/9/93; Revised 6/12/00; Revised 4/27/09

  • Edited 4/09; Revised 3/23/15