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Board Policy 702 – Architect

Board Policy Administrative Regulation 
702.01 Selection of an Architect (Revised 4-27-09)(Revised 6/8/15)
702.02 Procedures with Architects During Construction (Revised 9/14/09)(Revised 8/25/14) 702.02A



Selection of an Architect/Engineer/CMA – (A/E/CMA)

Architects or engineers or construction manager agents for major building and district master plan projects greater than $500,000 estimated total shall be interviewed and reviewed by the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee or committee appointed to a specific building project. The recommendation shall be presented to the Board for their consideration and official approval for the specific project under consideration.

Architects will be vetted through the following processes:
1 The Operations Director and CFO, together, may make a recommendation for an  A/E/CMA on projects up to $3,000,000 based on:
a)  A/E/CMA prior experience in the District or on District projects
b)  A/E/CMA proximity to DCSD
c)  Confidence in the A/E/CMA capabilities
Note: An A/E/CMA that has not served as an A/E/CMA in the District may not be recommended in this manner without vetting through a committee as indicated in 2) below.

2.  All projects with a total cost estimate over $3,000,000 will require an administration-led committee to select an A/E/CMA.
a)  The process will be developed by the administration.
b) The administration will make a recommendation to the Board, explaining the  selection process, and discussing the top two recommendations and the reasons for the priorities indicated.
c) The Board will approve the administration recommendation if it agrees with the recommendation. Otherwise:

  1. The Board may select and approve the second recommendation.
  2. The Board may reject all recommendations of the committee.

3.  Unsolicited proposals for Capital Improvement Projects may be offered to the Operations Director for consideration. It will be the responsibility of the Operations Director to secure these proposals in a sealed envelope, and to secure those envelopes in a secure locked location. The proposals will be opened at the time that proposals for specific projects are allowed to be accepted. The Operations Director will develop appropriate systems for logging and accounting for these proposals.

  • Legal Reference: Code of Iowa Chapter 544A

  • By action of the Board 12/13/76; Revised 6/13/83; Reviewed 8/9/93; Revised 6/12/00; Revised 04/27/09
  • Edited 04/09; Revised 6/8/15; Revised 6/8/15




Procedures with Architects/Engineers During Construction

The following guidelines shall be followed with relation to procedures with architects/engineers during any construction period:

1.   Any changes requested by the Board, architect, and/or administration shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent, or superintendent designee, who shall request the architect to obtain prices.  Recommendations shall be submitted to the Board for action.  When the construction project needs to continue, the Change Order may be submitted after the fact at the next Board meeting.  If the Board approves, three copies of the Change Order will be prepared, and the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee will sign for the Board, with copies to go to the Board.

2.   Estimated costs less than $25,000 that must receive immediate action in order to continue job progress shall be referred to the Chief Financial Officer for approval, with notice to the Board President.  Major Change Orders, $25,000 or more, will be given to the Board on a monthly basis.

3.   The architect shall check payment request and submit voucher to the Superintendent orsuperintendent’s designee. The administration, with Board approval, shall have the authority to make payments that are under contract.

4.       The architect shall submit reports of work progress to the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee each month.

5.   Regular job conferences shall be scheduled for each project. The Superintendent shall appoint an administrator to represent the District.

6.   The architect shall keep the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee apprised of the contractors’ performance to include delays affecting the completion date. Major delays will be reported to the Board.

7.   The contract shall be written to generally protect both parties, but especially the District. This will include provisions that:

  1. Assure that the Architect/Engineer is providing timely financial and other pertinent information, and that the information and related modifications are acknowledged by the Board.
  2. In case any dispute between the District and the Architect/Engineer that results in a separation of the parties on that project, all work product, including drawings, intellectual property, etc. will become the property of the District.


  • Cross Reference:  Administrative Regulation 702.02A
  • By action of the Board 12/13/76, 10/13/80; Revised 6/13/83, 12/10/84; Reviewed 8/9/93; Revised 6/26/00; revised 04/27/09; Revised 9/14/09
  • Edited 04/09; 9/09; Revised 8/25/14