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Board Policy 701 – Facilities

Board Policy Administrative Regulation
701.01 School Facilities Survey Revised 4.27.09;Revised 3/23/15
701.02 Disposition of Facilities Reviewed 11/8/10; Reviewed 8/24/15
701.03 Specifications for Buildings Revised 4/27/09; Revised 8/25/14




School Facility Studies

Consultants and Resources

The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee may use internal resources or may contract for the services of consultants and other resource personnel for the study of school sites and facilities to establish long range planning needs.

  • Cross Reference: Board Policy 501.12 Boundary Lines; 501.16 Open Enrollment Between Districts (Diversity Plan)

  • Legal References: Code of Iowa Chapters 296, 297, 298

  • By action of the Board 12/13/76; Revised 6/13/83; Reviewed 8/9/93; Revised 6/12/00; Revised 04/27/09

  • Edited 04/09; Revised 3/23/15




Disposition of Facilities

If the decision is made to sell a District facility, the Board must first approve a resolution for a public hearing on the disposition of the facility. The resolution must include information about the date, time, place, and purpose of the public hearing. At a Regular Meeting the Board will hold a public hearing for community input and then ay take action on the disposition of the property.

The Board will follow the requirements of the State Law regarding the procedures to follow when considering the sale of a District facility:

  1. The Board will adopt a resolution setting a date for a public hearing and adopting a Notice of a Public Hearing for publication of the proposed resolution for sale to be published at least ten (10) days, but not more than twenty (20) days, prior to the date set for the public hearing.

  2. There will be a Publication of Notice of Public Hearing and Proposed Resolution of Sale, in a local newspaper in the community.

  3. The Board will hold a Public Hearing on proposed sale.

  4. Following the Public Hearing, the Board may take action to consider and vote on proposed sale.

This procedure for disposition of District property is mandated by state law.




Construction and Renovation

Educational Specifications

Educational specifications shall be prepared to be used by the architect/engineer in planning the building elements in such a way that will facilitate the teaching and learning activities which are to take place within said buildings.

The educational specifications should provide the architect/engineer with an inventory of program requirements, a statement of functional program relationships, a definition of the number and character of classrooms, a description of needed specialized instructional facilities, the educational requirements for such areas as media center, outside site activities, gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, administrative suite, teacher and student service facilities, public service or community service facilities, and any other pertinent information that will be of significance in visualizing what is expected of the proposed new building, building additions, or renovation. The administration will consider the impact on student learning and achievement as relevant to the project.  Administration will consider environmentally friendly design and report to the Board what steps have been taken to improve economic operating efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts for all major projects.

Construction Plans

The architect and or engineer shall proceed with preparation of the preliminary plans and specifications after receiving authorization from the Board.

The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall provide the architect/engineer educational specifications, financial data, and other pertinent information necessary to the planning.

Preliminary plans shall be presented to the Board for review. The architect/engineer will present final plans to the Board for approval.

Final Building Specifications

The Board shall have the architect and/or engineer present the final construction specifications for the Board’s approval prior to advertisement for bids. These specifications shall have the endorsement of the appropriate or applicable groups as required by law. These specifications shall comply with Federal requirements, including but not limited to, the Americans with Disabilities Act and OSHA standards.

  • Legal References: Code of Iowa Chapters 297.7, 297.8, 542B, 544A; Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 USC §12101 et seq.; Occupational Safety and Health Act, 29 USC §651 et seq.

  • By action of the Board 12/13/76, Revised 6/13/83; Revised 8/9/93; Revised 6/12/00; Revised 04/27/09
  • Edited 04/09; Revised 8/25/14