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Board Policy 603 – Arrangements

Board Policy Administrative Regulation
603.01 Class Size (Revised 11/8/10)(Reviewed 8/24/15) 603.01A
603.02 Field Trips (Revised 8/25/08)(Revised 11/25/13) 603.02A
603.03 Homework (Revised 11/8/10) (Deleted 4/10/17)
603.04 Outside Resource People (Revised 02/09/09)(Revised 9/22/14)
603.05 Religion-Based Exclusion From School (Revised 01/12/09) (Revised 10/27/14)




Class Size–Elementary

The Board believes in the importance of small class sizes at the elementary level. The size of each class shall depend upon the type of instruction needed to assist each student in the development of academic and occupational skills. Effective staff utilization shall also be  considered in organizing and scheduling classroom instruction. Class size for Special Education students shall adhere to the Code of Iowa.

The Superintendent and the Directors, with the approval of the Superintendent, shall determine the class size for each school unit. They shall have the responsibility to approve any modifications or exceptions to the class size guidelines.

Based upon implementation strategies for balancing enrollment, the recommended class sizes for elementary grades shall be as follows:

  1. Kindergarten–First Grade: 20 students

  2. Second Grade: 21 students

  3. Third Grade: 22 students

  4. Fourth–Fifth Grade: 26 students




Study Trips

The Board encourages study trips as a supplement to classroom instruction. study trips are educational in nature and related to the curriculum for the subject area and grade level of students involved in the trip.

The administration shall prepare guidelines for planning study trips in order to provide for maximum educational benefits. The administration shall also establish procedures for the use of school buses for study trips. Parent/Guardian permission is required for these study trips.

  • Cross Reference: Administrative Regulation 603.02A

  • By action of the Board 8/9/71; Revised 8/14/72, 11/8/76, 11/8/82, 12/13/82; Reviewed 8/9/93; Reviewed 2/7/94; Revised 11/11/96; Revised 11/11/02; Revised 8/25/08; Revised 11/25/13


603.03 – Deleted 4/10/17






Outside Resource People

The Board encourages the use of community resources and citizens to assist in supplementing the educational program. Use of outside personnel and resources shall be under regulations as approved by the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee.

  • By action of the Board 11/8/76, 6/13/83; Reviewed 8/9/93; Revised 2/14/00; Revised 02/09/09

  • Edited 02/09; Revised 9/22/14



Religion Based Excuse from School Program or Activity

Parents who wish to have their child excused from a school program or activity because of religious beliefs must inform the principal or other appropriate administrator. The teacher will provide an alternative activity to the principal and the principal will need to approve the assignment.

  • Legal References: U.S. Constitution (Amended); Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 U.S. 602 (1971); Graham v. Central Community School Dist. of Decatur County, 608 F. Supp. 531 (Iowa 1985); Iowa Code § 256.11 (7); 281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.5(6)

  • By action of the Board 9/17/90; Revised 2/14/00 ; Revised 01/12/09

  • Edited 01/12/09; Revised 10/27/14