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Board Policy 506 – Miscellaneous Related Matters

Board Policy Administrative Regulation
506.01 Collection of Money From Students (Revised 8/25/08) (Reviewed 8/26/13)
506.02 Activity Funds (Reviewed 8/25/08) (Reviewed 8/26/13)
506.03 Class or Student Gifts to School (Revised 1/28/08) (Reviewed 8/26/13)
506.04 Interviews with Students (Revised 8/9/10)(Reviewed 10/12/15)
506.05 Student Lists (Revised 6/14/10)(Revised 10/12/15)
506.06 Religious Excuse from Activities and Practices (Revised 6/14/10)(Reviewed 10/12/15)
506.07 Fines, Fees, and Charges (Revised 8/9/10)(Reviewed 8/24/15)




Collection of Money From Students

Non-School Organization and Activities

It shall be the policy of the District to prohibit the solicitation of funds and goods from students by non-school organizations or persons. Person to person solicitation of students to participate in fund raising drives is prohibited; however, approved posters may be displayed to inform students of up-coming programs. Students participating in such programs do so as individuals and not as representatives of any school in the District.

Resale-Instructional Supplies

Instructional supplies for use in the curriculum and other items stocked for resale or rental must be approved by the superintendent’s designee.

Student Insurance

Each year monies may be collected from students wishing to purchase insurance programs that have been offered by the District.

Clubs and Organizations

All collection of funds sponsored by a school club or organization must be approved by the building principal before the project begins.

Solicitation by Students

The principal of the building must authorize the collection of any funds or goods in the community or in the school before any collection is made. Such solicitations and collections should be held to a minimum.


Cash in an amount greater than $25.00 may not be accepted on behalf of the District without providing an approved receipt. All transactions involving cash will be completed with a receipt with appropriate documentation for the building showing cash being received. 

School-related Organizations

School related organizations such as P.T.A., Dads’ Club, Boosters, Band Parents, etc., must receive prior authorization for all money making projects and activities from the building principal.


All monies collected are to be deposited each day according to guidelines established by the administration. Any money left overnight in a school building must be held in a secured location.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee to develop appropriate administrative regulations dealing with cash receipts and deposits.




Activity Funds

Collection of any funds for school activities must have the approval of the building principal and an administrative director. All activity funds shall be under the financial control of the Board.

Records and procedures relating to activity funds shall be in accordance with those found in Uniform Financial Accounting for Iowa Schoolspublished by the Department of Education.

An audit of these accounts shall be made at the same time as the annual audit of school funds.




Class or Student Gifts to School

Student groups may make expenditures for gifts to the District after securing the authorization of the building principal and the Superintendent. Gifts may be accepted and acknowledged by the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee acting for the Board.

  • Cross Reference: Board Policy  302.08 Gifts, Grants, and Bequests

  • By action of the Board 11/8/76; Revised 4/11/83; Reviewed 5/16/96; Revised 2/14/00; Revised 1/28/08

  • Edited 1/08; Reviewed 8/26/13




Interviews with Students

A student may not be interviewed by law enforcement or any other outside agency on school property unless the principal or another delegated staff member is present.  No interview shall be granted unless the principal deems it essential to the welfare of the pupil or the pupil is directed to do so by court order.

If police officers or other officials request an interview, every effort will be made to contact the student’s parents, legal guardian, emergency contact or other person as designated by the parent to have one of them present during the interview. If the student is a suspect under age 15 and the officer is going to question them, the parent or guardian must be notified and give consent.

No student may be taken from school without the consent of the building administration.

This policy applies to all interviews of students by non-school personnel except for those conducted in compliance with Iowa Code § 232.71B pertaining to a child abuse allegation, in which case the school administrator will cooperate with the investigator as stated in the law.

  • Legal Reference: Iowa Code §  232.71B
  • By action of the Board 11/8/76, 4/11/83; Revised 7/8/91; Reviewed 5/13/96; Revised  2/14/00, Revised 8/9/10
  • Edited 2/00, 8/10; Reviewed 10/12/15




Student Lists

Student lists may be distributed to institutions of higher learning and armed services upon request. The approval of the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee is required.

Any students objecting to being included in such lists may complete a recruitment opt-out form available annually through the high school guidance offices.  The above lists or directories may not be used for any purpose other than that for which an organization requests.  Any group requesting lists must state the use intended of the information and indicate how confidentiality will be protected.

The administrative staff shall cooperate with alumni groups and others associated with the District in providing identifying information of graduates for class reunions or alumni directories. Such information is limited to name, class year, address, parents’ address, and phone number.

  • By action of the Board 11/8/76; Revised 4/11/83, 12/14/92; Reviewed 5/13/96; Revised 8/14/00; Revised 6/14/10
  • Edited 8/00; 6/10
  • Revised 10/12/15




 Religious Excuse from Activities and Practices

All students are to be excused from activities, events, and practices, without penalty for religious activities and purposes, provided that the coach or advisor is given notification at least 48 hours prior to the absence.

  • By action of the Board 11/8/76, 6/13/83; Revised 4/14/97; Revised 6/14/10

  • Edited 7/97; 6/10

  • Reviewed 10/12/15




Fines, Fees, Charges and Waivers

The Board believes students should respect District property and assist in its preservation for future use by others. Students may be assessed fines or fees for overdue school materials or for misuse/damage of school property.  Students may be assessed charges or fees for materials needed in a course or for participating in activities.

The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall inform the Board of any change in fee schedules.  Parents of students meeting specific financial eligibility standards will be eligible for a waiver of student fees or a reduction of student fees based upon the request of the parent.  It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

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  • By action of the Board 9/16/96; Revised 10/28/96; Revised 8/12/02; Revised 8/9/10
  • Edited 8/02, 8/10; Reviewed 8/24/15