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Board Policy 307 – Other Items

Board Policy

Administrative Regulation
307.01 Names for High Schools (Deleted 1/24/00)
307.02 Naming Facilities (Revised 3/8/10) (Reviewed 1/9/17) 307.02A
307.03 Name Signs on School Buildings (Deleted 1/24/00)
307.04 Energy Use (Revised 3/13/06) (Revised 12/12/11) (Revised 5/22/17) 307.04A
307.05 Reward for Information Regarding Vandalism DELETED 6/24/19
307.06 Visitors to School District Buildings (Reviewed 11/26/07) (Reviewed 8/13/12)(Revised 8/25/14) (Revised 1-28-19)
307.07 Conflicts of Interest (Reviewed 11/26/07) (Reviewed 7/14/14)(Revised 8/24/15)




Naming Facilities

The naming of District facilities is a deliberate and intentional process.  It is the practice of the District to name elementary schools after Presidents of the United States, intermediate schools after former superintendents, and high schools based upon geographical direction.

On rare occasions, the Board may choose to bestow the honor of naming a facility, or some part thereof, in recognition of a person who has made a significant contribution to student learning and the mission of the District.

Should a person or persons wish to nominate an individual for consideration of this honor, a formal request should be filed with the Superintendent’s office.  This request must include specific, quantifiable information as to how the individual has enhanced student learning and the mission of the District.  The request will be evaluated by the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee.  If deemed appropriate and the criteria is met, the request will be brought before the Board for consideration.

The application process is to be outlined in administrative regulations and shared with the board.

Name Signs on School Buildings

The District shall provide a suitable identifying sign at each new school, and the sign shall contain the full name of the school.

Each new school and/or major renovation and/or addition should include a plaque listing dates of building and names of appropriate officials involved in construction.

Any existing structure not having such a plaque shall have an appropriate plaque provided.




Energy Use

The District is environmentally conscious and accepts responsibility for developing and enforcing programs and procedures which conserve energy and other natural resources. It is the board’s responsibility to use SAVE and PPEL dollars to reduce General Fund expenditures when possible. Optimizing existing funding sources through effective energy use is a priority. The District will comply with all federal state and local statues regarding energy utilization. The Operations Department will annually review the District’s energy use program.


(Previously known as Recommended Building Temperature Policy)

  • Cross References: Administrative Regulation 307.04A
  • By action of the Board: 9/20/76; 9/10/79/ 2/14/83; Revised 3/11/91; 1/24/00; Revised 03/13/06; Revised 12/12/11
  • Edited 03/06, 12/11
  • Revised 5/22/17

307.05 – Deleted 6/24/19 
Business Operations
Reward for Information Regarding Vandalism 




Visitors to School District Buildings

Any person desiring to visit a school shall report to the administrative office for a visitor’s pass and is required to wear that pass during the time spent in the building or on school grounds in order to be readily identified by school staff.

During regular business hours, visitors will be required to provide appropriate government identification in order to obtain the visitors pass. The identification will be processed at check in through the electronic visitors management systems. When not possible to check in electronically, visitors will be required to sign in and out on a visitor’s log after showing proper identification.  Unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering or loitering in school buildings or on school property and are subject to arrest.

  • By action of the Board 9/20/76, 2/14/83; Reviewed 10/14/91; Revised 7/10/95; Revised 1/24/00; Reviewed 11/26/07; Reviewed 8/13/12.

  • Edited 11/07; Revised 8/25/14; Revised 1/28/19




Conflicts of Interest

District employees shall not sell, in any one occurrence, any goods or services having a value in excess of $500 to any state agency unless the sale is made pursuant to an award or contract let after public notice and competitive bidding. However, “services” does not include instruction at an accredited educational institution if the person providing the instruction meets the minimum education and licensing requirements established for teachers at the education institution.

Members of the Board shall not have an interest, direct or indirect, in a contract for the purchase of goods, including materials and profits, and the performance of services for the District. This prohibition does not apply to contracts which benefit a Director, if the benefit to the Director does not exceed $2,500 in a fiscal year, and contracts made by the Board, upon competitive bid in writing, are publicly invited and open.

Board members and teachers may not act as agents or dealers for school textbooks or for school supplies during the term of office or employment.

Members of the Board who have, or may have, an interest in any contract to furnish supplies, materials, or labor to the District shall disclose such interest.

Board members shall not receive compensation directly from the Board with the exception of legitimate expenses for performing official duties as allowed by Iowa Code § 279.32.

The appointment of any other relative within the third degree of a Board member shall be made only by action of the Board. This does not apply, however, to public school teachers, but it does apply to other District employees.

Dual Publically Elected Office

If a Board member holds dual-publically elected offices, precautions should be taken to prevent real and perceived conflict of interest. The Board member is required to publicly disclose the existence of any conflict and refrain from taking any official action or performing any official duty that would detrimentally affect or create a benefit for the outside employment or activity. For purposes of this paragraph, “official action” or “official duty” includes but is not limited to participating in any vote, taking affirmative action to influence any vote, granting any license or permit, determining the facts or law in a contested case or rulemaking proceeding, conducting any inspection, or providing any other official service or thing that is not available generally to members of the public in order to further the interests of the outside employment or activity. (Iowa code 68B 2A)

The following rules of conduct will apply:

  1. In a discussion or board action involving both elected bodies, the dually-elected board member will refrain from both discussion and voting on any action item.
  2. The board member will abstain from all votes pertaining to contracts, transactions or other legal relationships regarding the two governing bodies.
  3. The board member will not attend any special call closed meetings regarding contracts, transactions or legal proceedings between the two governing bodies.



  • Legal References: Iowa Code §§ 68B, 71.1, 273.8(2), 277.27, 279.7A, 279.32, 301.28

  • By action of the Board 7/12/93; Revised 6/26/00; Reviewed 11/26/07

  • Edited 11/07; Reviewed 7/14/14; Revised 8/24/15