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Board Policy 306 – Records

Board Policy

Administrative Regulation
306.01 Board of Directors’ Records (Reviewed 11/26/07)
306.02 Personnel Records (Deleted 1/24/00 and Moved to 401.6)
306.03 Student Records (Deleted 9/17/07)
306.04 Bonds for Officers and Employees (Reviewed 5/10/10)(Revised 8/24/15)(Reviewed 4/9/18)
306.05 Public Examination of School District Public Records (Revised 11/26/07) (Reviewed 8/13/12) (Reviewed 4/9/18) (Revised 9/9/19) 306.05A





Board of Directors’ Records

The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall cause to be kept and preserved, according to the schedule below, all records hereby listed.

Type of Record Length of Preservation
1. Secretary’s Financial Records Permanent
2. Treasurer’s Financial Records Permanent
3. Annual Financial Report Permanent
4. Minutes of the Board of Directors Permanent
5. Pollbooks Permanent
6. Record of Payment of Judgment Against the School District Twenty Years
7. Written Contracts Ten Years
8. Legal Correspondence Permanent
9. Property Records Permanent
10. Deeds and Titles Permanent
11. Recordings of Closed Meetings One Year
12. Program Grants As determined by grant
13. Payroll Journal Sixty Years
14. Payroll Support Documents: Time Sheets, Leaves, etc. Five Years
15. Payroll Federal Reporting Forms: W-2, W-3, W-4, 1099 Four Years
16. Payroll State Reporting Forms Five Years
17. Federal 941 Quarterly Forms Eleven Years
18. Employee Personnel File Permanent
19. Unemployment Insurance Claims Five Years
20. Garnishments One Year
21. Applicants Not Hired Three Years
22. EEO-4 Report Four Years
23. Health Insurance Claims & Payments Three Years
24. Employment Accident Reports Seven Years
25. OSHA Accident Reports Five Years
26. Workers’ Compensation Accident Reports Three Years
27. Union Negotiations, Contracts, Case Files Permanent
28. JTPA Contracts Five Years
29. Tax Allocation Notices Five Years
30. Investments Five Years
31. Bond Issue Certificates Five Years
32. Bond Issue Redeemed Coupons Five Years
33. Bond Register Permanent
34. Requisitions, P.O.s, Invoices, Statements, Claims,Check/Warrant Copies, Vendor Ledger Cards Seven Years
35. Receipt Books, Daily Cash Tabulations, Invoices, Statements, Bills Seven Years
36. General Ledger Permanent
37. Checking Account Statements Seven Years
38. Canceled Checks Seven Years
39. Savings Account Statements Seven Years
40. Annual Treasurer’s Report Five Years
41. Audits Permanent
42. Budget Requests and Budget Detail Five Years
43. Final Budgets and Amendments Permanent
44. Employee Travel Records Three Years
45. Expired Insurance Policies Three Years
46. Petty Cash Vouchers Three Years
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  • By action of the Board 9/20/76, 2/14/83; Revised 9/17/90; Revised 1/24/00; Reviewed 11/26/07

  • Edited 11/07



Student Records                   Deleted 9/17/07




Bonds for Officers and Employees

The Secretary and Treasurer of the Board  shall file a bond to the school district in such amount as the Board may require.   Bonds shall be filed with the President of Board.

All other employees who handle school distirct funds shall be covered by a blanket bond.

  • Reviewed by Legal Counsel 8/2015
  • Legal Reference: Iowa Code Chapter 291.2

  • By action of the Board 9/20/76, 2/14/83, Revised 10/14/91; Revised 4/10/00; Reviewed 5/10/10

  • Edited 4/00; 5/10; Revised 8/24/15; Reviewed 4/9/18



Public Examination of School District Public Records

The District welcomes public interest in the schools and their operation. To that end, all public records of the school district as defined by Iowa Code Chapter 22 may be examined by the public during the regular business hours of the administration offices of the District. These hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for holidays and recesses.

Persons wishing to examine the District’s public records shall contact the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee and make arrangements for the examination. The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee will make arrangements for the examination of public records as soon as practicable, depending on the nature of the request.

Persons wanting copies will be assessed an actual fee for the copy. Persons wanting retrieval of data or a compilation of records will be assessed an actual fee for the time used by the specific employee or employees to retrieve and/or compile the requested data/records. People desiring to examine records shall pay any necessary expenses for providing a place for examining or copying records. Persons examining public records may be charged an actual fee for the custodian’s supervision of the examination.

This policy does not apply to records made confidential by Iowa Code Section 22.7 or other law. This includes those records that, if disclosed, may jeopardize the safety of persons or property including, but not limited to:

  • Security procedures
  • Emergency preparedness procedures
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Security codes and passwords

District officials may seek an opinion of counsel as to whether a record is open or confidential prior to releasing the document.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee to maintain accurate and current records of the District.

  • Cross Reference: Administrative Regulation 306.05A
  • Legal References: Iowa Code Ch. 22; § 291.6; 1992 Op. Att’y Gen. 135, 1980 Op. Att’y Gen. 88, 1972 Op. Att’y Gen. 158, 1968 Op. Att’y Gen. 656.
  • By action of the Board 3/13/95; Revised 1/24/00; Revised 11/26/07; Reviewed 8/13/12; Reviewed 4/9/18; Revised 9/9/19; Reviewed by attorney 9/9/19