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Board Policy 201 – Administration




  1. An earned doctorate degree from an accredited college or university with a major in educational administration is preferred and
  2. A minimum of five years of successful administrative experience and a thorough background of teaching and related educational experience or
  3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable and
  4. A valid administrative certificate.

Reports To:
            Board of Directors

Job Goal:

By maximizing the support and resources of the community, the superintendent will lead the staff in providing the fullest educational opportunity for each  student.

Performance Responsibilities:

Relationship with Board:

  1. Serves as the chief executive officer of the Board, exercising general supervision and responsibility over all the public schools and all public school employees
  2. Attends all meetings of the Board except when the superintendent’s salary or reappointment are being considered or when otherwise directed by the Board
  3. Keeps the Board informed on issues, needs, and operation of the school system
  4. Offers professional advice to the Board on items requiring board action, with appropriate recommendations and alternatives considered based on thorough study and analysis, providing adequate time for review of recommendations and background materials prior to making decisions
  5. Supports, interprets, and executes the intent of board policy, goals, projects and objectives
  6. Participates with the Board in establishment of district goals and associated projects, and reports on goal progress

Community Relationship:

  1. Solicits and gives attention to problems and opinions of all groups and individuals within the community
  2. Maintains a district public relations program
  3. Understands Iowa school law thoroughly and maintains a working relationship with legislators
  4. Maintains a friendly and cooperative relationship with news media
  5. Achieves status as a community leader in public education
  6. Works effectively with public and private agencies, other school districts, institutions, governmental entities, businesses and the public

Administrative/Educational Leadership:

  1. Makes arrangements as necessary in case of emergency
  2. Provides for proper management of district records and reports, including maintenance of a system of permanent records of all students
  3. Promotes a strong disciplinary policy and recommends exclusion or expulsion by the Board of students for whom all other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted
  4. Attends state, national, and regional conventions as approved by the Board as part of official duties
  5. Provides educational leadership to the staff and district
  6. Designates an acting superintendent to serve during personal absence from the district
  7. Delegates responsibility and authority to staff members appropriate to the position each      holds, and acts as a consultant to staff as needed
  8. Meets and confers with leaders of the employee groups
  9. Evaluates performance of staff members who report to the superintendent
  10. Involves appropriate staff members and groups in planning and development of policies and administrative procedures, and sees that they are consistently followed throughout the district
  11. Recommends appointment, promotion, demotion and/or discharge; and assigns, transfers, suspends, and disciplines all employees as needed
  12. Directs staff in the development of curriculum; accepts responsibility for the evaluation of the educational program and the performance of the delivery system; and promotes change, if necessary, to improve the quality of public education
  13. Understands and keeps informed regarding all aspects of the instructional program
  14. Sets and achieves a set of individual professional goals each school year
  15. Provides for a program of ongoing staff development
  16. Establishes or modifies school attendance boundaries and transportation areas

Business and Finance:

  1. Accepts the responsibility for the financial viability of the school district
  2. Provides and maintains adequate internal control and accounting practices, instills an awareness for fiscal responsibility and accountability among members of the staff, and recommends to the Board appropriate courses of action
  3. Participates in the development of salary schedules for all personnel, and recommends to the Board the levels which, within budgetary limitations, will best serve the interests of the district
  4. Keeps informed regarding the needs of district programs, facilities, equipment, and supplies
  5. Develops for presentation to the Board, with appropriate staff, an annual operating budget.
  6. Develops for presentation to the board a long range fiscal plan which reflects Board direction.

 Professional Qualities:

  1. Stays abreast of changes within the field of education
  2. Maintains high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters
  3. Promotes democratic processes in decision-making
  4. Maintains poise and emotional stability in the full range of professional activities
  5. Communicates clearly and concisely through written language and oral presentations

Terms of Employment:

Twelve-month year


Performance of this job shall be evaluated annually by the Board

  • By action of the Board 9/20/96, 12/13/83; Revised 6/22/98; Revised 05/10/04, Reviewed 4/12/10
  • Edited 5/04, 4/10; Reviewed 8/24/15; Revised 4/9/18