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Board Policy 101 – Communication with the Public

Board Policy

Administrative Regulation 

101.01 Board-Community Relations (Deleted 3/8/10)
101.02 Media Communications (Revised 3/8/10)(Revised 7/13/15)(Revised 1/8/18)


101.03 Releases to News Media: Board Matters (Deleted 7/13/98)
101.04 Duplicated or Printed Materials (Revised 4/12/10)(Revised 8/24/15)(Reviewed 12/11/17)
101.05 Distribution of Printed Materials (Revised 4/12/10)(Revised 3-14-16)(Reviewed 12/11/17)


101.06 Board Proceedings (Deleted 3/17/03)
101.07 Information Dissemination (Deleted 7/13/98)
101.08 Community Partners (Revised 4/26/10)(Reviewed 7/13/15)(Changed to policy number 103.17)
101.09 Request for Information (Deleted 10/9/95)


Board-Community Relations

Deleted 3/8/10



Media Communications

The district will employ a Communications Specialist who will serve as the official spokesperson for the District and as a conduit for information provided to the media as well as an access point for those media wishing to speak to district personnel.  All media requests for formal interviews must be referred to the Communications Specialist.

The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall be responsible for the approval of news releases on behalf of the District. The administrator or designee of each school and program shall be responsible for clearance of all news releases from each school or program. The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall make themselves available to personnel representing the various news media when questions arise concerning District matters.

The Board President or President’s designee is the official spokesperson for matters and actions of the Board. A statement from an individual board member shall be considered a statement of that board member only; it should not be construed as reflecting the position of the entire Board. Any board member wishing to make a formal statement to the media will only do so after consulting with the Board President.  The Superintendent or superintendent’s designee may speak to the media concerning board matters.


  • Cross Reference:  *Policy 101.01 Board Community Relations; 306.05 Public Examination of School District Public Records, Administrative Regulation 101.02A
  • By action of the Board 9/20/96; Revised 12/13/82; Reviewed 7/8/91; Revised 7/13/98
  • by combination of three policies 101.2, 101.3 and 101.7; Revised 03/17/03; Revised 3/8/10
  • Edited 03/03; 3/10; Revised 7/13/15; Revised 1/8/18





Releases to News Media: Board Matters  *See Policy 101.02

  • By action of the Board 9/20/76; Revised 12/13/82, Revised 7/8/91; Deleted 7/13/98

  • Edited 7/98




Duplicated or Printed Materials

Duplicated or printed materials related to or explaining various phases of the school program shall be made available for staff and public use as deemed advisable by the Superintendent and/or the Board President. Decisions concerning such publications may be delegated to staff assistants appointed by the Superintendent.

Rules of good taste, scholarship, and general acceptability should apply to all such publications. The person, office, or department responsible for the completed publication should be identified.

Printed materials such as brochures or fliers which are distributed to community members shall follow state and federal requirements for inclusion of the District’s non-discrimination statement.


  • Cross References: Board Policies 101.05 Distribution of Printed Material; 401.02 Affirmative Action Statement; 505.03 Student Publications; 505.12 Student Distribution of Non-curricular Materials
  • By action of the Board 9/20/76, Revised 12/13/82, Reviewed 7/8/91; Revised 2/23/98; Revised 03/17/03, Revised 4/12/10
  • Edited 03/03, 4/10; Revised 8/24/15;Reviewed 12/11/17




Distribution of Printed Materials

Distribution of printed materials by persons other than employees of or students enrolled in the district will not be permitted in school buildings or on school grounds unless approved by the superintendent or superintendent designee in accordance with this policy. Any printed matter submitted for approval by the superintendent or superintendent designee shall be reviewed and evaluated in light of the circumstances surrounding the proposed distribution of the materials. The superintendent or superintendent designee shall approve any material which reasonably relates to school or school-related activities for non-commercial purpose or materials which are distributed for the mutual aid or protection of school employees so long as the materials are within the guidelines set forth above.

The superintendent or superintendent designee shall not approve the distribution of any material if the superintendent or superintendent designee reasonably foresees that the publication and distribution of the material may substantially disrupt or materially interfere with school procedures. Materials which are slanderous, inflammatory, or contain political endorsements are examples of materials which would likely be disruptive of the school environment.

In no event shall the superintendent or superintendent designee prevent the distribution of materials if such prevention unlawfully infringes upon student and employee rights to freedom of speech. The superintendent or superintendent designee shall recognize and follow the guidelines of the United States Supreme Court and other pertinent state and federal judicial authorities in determining whether the distribution should be permitted. In the event that the superintendent or superintendent designee does not approve the distribution of the materials, said person shall immediately notify the individual(s) seeking to distribute the materials.  The individual(s) may then request a review of the decision by the Board of Directors. The Board may allow the individual(s) and the superintendent or superintendent designee to present arguments as to whether the materials should or should not be distributed.  The Board shall make an independent review and determination as to whether and under what conditions the material shall be distributed.

Any person who distributes printed material other than pursuant to this policy is subject to discipline. This policy does not apply to printed matter which has already in effect been reviewed by school authorities, such as materials passed out for classroom use, school newspapers, or the like.   Distribution of such materials may be made without filing a copy.



  • Cross Reference:  Board Policy 505.3 – Student Publications; Administrative Regulation 101.05A
  • By action of the Board 9/20/76;  Reviewed 12/13/82; Revised 7/9/84, Reviewed 7/8/91; Revised 2/23/98, Reviewed 4/12/10
  • Edited 2/98, 4/10; Revised 3-14-16; Reviewed 12/11/17




Board Proceedings    (Deleted 03/17/03)

  • By action of the Board 9/20/76, Reviewed 12/13/82, Reviewed 7/8/91,Reviewed 2/23/98; Deleted 03/17/03

  • Edited 03/03




Information Dissemination  *See Policy 101.02

  • By action of the Board 11/12/90; Deleted 7/13/98

  • Edited 7/98




Community Partners *(Changed to Policy number 103.17)