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Board Policy 100 – District Philosophy



District Philosophy

The District vision is education that challenges conventional thinking, prepares all students to compete in a global society, and inspires our students, parents, staff, and community to answer the question, “What if?”  The mission of the Davenport Community School District is to enhance each student’s abilities by providing a quality education enriched by our diverse community.

The Davenport Community School District believes that all children can learn, although they learn at different rates, paces, and in different styles. The school district has an obligation to provide opportunities for students which recognize the differences students bring to the learning situation. To treat two unique students the same is to treat them unequally.

Each student shall have equal access to teachers, resources, facilities, and curriculum. The learning experiences at the various grade levels in our schools shall be comparable, irrespective of the location of the schools or the background of the students. The opportunities that we offer students shall be student centered and community focused. The process and methodology that we use to teach students will be tailored, to the extent possible, to the learning styles of the students. The content of our curriculum shall focus on those skills, attitudes, and abilities that are vital to the successful participation of our students in their local and world-wide community. Students shall be prepared for the global society in which we live.

The curriculum experiences for our students shall address academic areas and the development of habits, attitudes, appreciations, and skills in all areas of learning. Subject and skill areas for learning shall include, but not be limited to, the communication arts (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), social science, science, health and physical education, technological literacy, and mathematics. In addition, the curriculum offerings shall include exploratory and gainful experiences in visual, performing, and practical arts. These offerings will provide cultural and artistic activities that reflect the community and the world in which we live. The curriculum shall be structured so as to foster interdisciplinary studies emphasizing the interrelatedness of the subject areas taught to students. Study skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and the use of technology shall be part of teaching and learning in all the above subject areas. Career education will be infused into the total educational program.

The climate of our school district shall provide a safe, orderly, and healthy environment, wherein teachers can teach and students can learn. The atmosphere shall be one of trust rather than fear, respect rather than intimidation, and one that recognizes our daily activities will be focused on the instructional program of the school district.

The schools of The Davenport Community School District shall emphasize principals as instructional leaders, a clear instructional focus, a sound learning climate, high expectations for all students, the monitoring of student achievement, and parental and community involvement.

  • Legal References: 281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3(3) (New Standards)

  • By action of the Board 9/17/90; Revised 9/29/97; Revised 11/8/99; Revised 9/26/11

  • Edited 11/99, 9/11

  • Reviewed 5/17