Revenue Purpose Statement – Vote September 10th

Residents of the Davenport Community School District are being asked to vote to approve the Davenport Community School District’s Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) which directs how the district will spend the funds received from the state-wide penny sales tax. The RPS will be listed on the School Board Election Ballot as Proposition D. A simple majority of votes (greater than 50%) is required to pass this measure.

This is not a new tax levy. In 2008, the legislature replaced a previous local option sales tax approved by voters with the state-wide penny sales tax which is in place through December 31, 2029.  The sales tax revenues are deposited in the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) fund which is allocated to school districts on a per pupil basis. The funds generated by the state-wide penny are used by school districts throughout Iowa for school infrastructure and property tax relief.

The Davenport Community Schools’ Revenue Purpose Statement that was approved by voters in 2008 has a sunset date of 2019. The Statewide penny has a sunset date of 2029. Our district needs to extend the date of Revenue Purpose statement to match that of the sunset date of the statewide penny sales tax which is 2029. The uses for the RPS outlined in Proposition D are the same uses voters passed in 2008 which include:

  • Emergency repairs, unanticipated system failures, environmental remediation and response to demographic changes requiring construction
  • Uses allowed in PPEL fund
  • Uses allowed in PERL fund

Davenport Community Schools’ primary use of the statewide penny revenues is to fund facilities and infrastructure projects outlined in our 10 year facilities plan. A few of the projects completed include:

  • Secure entrances at school buildings
  • Installation of doors with intruder locks
  • Air conditioning in all buildings
  • Window, roof, and boiler replacements

These are only a few of the improvements, remodeling and repairs to our buildings that have been funded by the state-wide penny sales tax. Approval of the RPS will allow the district to move forward with other planned projects and ensure that our students have a good learning environment.


 Long-Range Facilities Plan

Projects 1999-2009

Projects 2009-2012