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Proposed Bell Time Model

A Proposed Bell Times Model was presented for the first time at the March 26, 2018 School Board meeting. As part of the District’s five-year budget reduction plan, we engaged a consultant to come up with alternatives to our current transportation routes to save the maximum amount of money possible annually while still operating in an acceptable manner for the welfare of our students and families.

NOTE: we have the following times to add to the Proposed Bell Time Model:

School                                            Start Time                   End Time

Assumption High School            8:35 a.m.                         3:40 p.m.

JFK                                                  8:35 a.m.                         3:50 p.m.

Trinity Lutheran                           8:30 a.m.                         3:45 p.m. 

This model has the potential to save $300,000 per year to the General Fund (the fund that pays for instructional materials and teacher salaries) by eliminating redundancies in our current bus routes. There will be further questions and discussions on this proposal during the April Board meetings. 

Please review the model above and share your thoughts with us at Feedback