• Children's Villages
    Principal: Tammy Conrad
    1757 W. 12th Street
    Davenport, Iowa 52804
    Phone: (563) 336-7800

  • Mission and Diversity Statements


    The vision of the Davenport Community School District’s Early Learning Centers is to educate all students, while specializing in at-risk services.  Guided by high expectations, and the knowledge that all children learn at different levels and speeds, Early Learning staff will provide students with a broad range of educational opportunities that will help each student learn to the best of his/her abilities.  We strive to develop literacy skills as well as provide experiences that enrich each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities.

    We believe partnerships are an integral part of the educational process.  Thereby, we promote partnership between our schools, families and community members to allow a multi-dimensional approach to the structure of our school allowing students to enter Kindergarten with the skills necessary to promote lifelong learning.



    Through staff leadership, the use of research based curriculum, and individualized instructional supports, our mission is to provide young children and their families with a high quality educational experience that ensures children meet district and state academic achievement goals.


    Our Core Values


    1. We believe home, school, and community relationships are central to our

        students’ learning.


    1. We believe that we must discover students’ strengths as a starting point and

        work towards each students’ potential.


    1. We believe our environments reflect the cultures and experiences of the children

         within them.


    1. We believe that children’s decision-making and self-regulation are essential

        components of engaged learning.


    1. We believe that as educators, we need to share and learn from one another in

        order to grow professionally and provide quality instruction.



    Equal Education Opportunity

    In keeping with American’s with Disability Act (ADA), we will make reasonable accommodations to meet all children’s needs regardless of ability.  We provide developmental screening and referrals to the Area Education Agency (AEA) for further evaluation to determine needs for special services.  We have a speech pathologist who serves children in the building and an audiologist who visits the program two times during the school year. 


    Children enrolled in the Davenport Community Schools shall have an equal opportunity of a quality public education without discrimination regardless of their race, creed, sex, marital status, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.  Equal opportunity, in compliance with state and federal laws, shall apply to the programs and activities offered by the school district.  Any questions regarding compliance with equal educational opportunity should be directed to the Director of Equity, Davenport Community Schools, 1606 Brady Street, Davenport, IA, 52803, 563-336-5000.