Student Supports-Social/Emotional

Davenport Community Schools (DCS) uses a variety of programs to address the social/emotional development of our students and wants families to be informed and engaged in these programs as well.  Please check with your students principal or school counselor to learn more about these programs listed below, or to see what other initiatives are happening in your child’s school.  For additional supports available in the district, please refer to the menu on the left of the screen in blue.

Student Supports – Social/Emotional

  • School Counseling  – DCS has masters level school counselors in every building, and uses the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model in their school counseling program.  Please click here School Counseling to learn more about ASCA and the counseling program in Davenport Schools.



  • Second Step: Skills for Social and Academic Success (K-5)  Second Step identifies that students must master these five core social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies to be successful in school and beyond.  These five competencies are:   Self-awareness (emotional recognition), self-management (emotion management and impulse control), social awareness (empathy), relationship skills (communication and assertiveness), and responsible decision-making (problem solving).  Social-emotional learning can improve student learning by improving their ability to learn, their overall classroom behavior, and their academic performance.  Look for the Home Links from Second Step coming home with your child approximately once a week.  It will keep you tuned in to what they are learning in Second Step, and give you activities to do at home to support that learning.