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Transportation to Schools

Program Goal: Provide safe transportation every school day
Summary of Services: Provide transportation for 6,500 public and non-public K-12 students via 101 regular bus routes.
Staff: The staff is comprised of 110 bus drivers, 10 bus monitors, 5 mechanics, 4 dispatchers, and 2 secretaries.
Hours: During the school year business hours are from 6:00am to 5:30pm  Summer hours are 7:00am to 4:00pm
Busing Standards:

State Davenport Schools
Elementary 2 miles 1.5 miles
Intermediate 2 miles 2 miles
High School 3 miles 3 miles

**Note– policy reads “more than” stated miles
Safety Busing: Only students in K-5 qualify for safety busing.

Busing throughout the Davenport Community School District is managed by Durham School Services.
Kathi Corbett, General Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my student qualify for school bus transportation to school?
    Yes, within the students home school attendance area if ….
    Kindergarten – 5th grade student lives more than 1 ½ miles from school
    6th – 8th grade student lives more than 2 miles from school
    9th – 12th grade student lives more than 3 miles from school
  • How do I find out what the distance is from home to school?
    Please use MapQuest at http://www.mapquest.com. Follow the directions for putting in the student’s home for starting location and putting in the school for ending location. Please click “Shortest Distance” button in the Advanced Options area on the right. Remember this is only an estimated distance and any discrepancies or questions should be directed to Durham School Services.
  • What if my student does not qualify for school bus transportation within my home school attendance area?
    Remember that Students ride free on Davenport Citibus.  Also, car pooling is an effective way many parents use to get students to school.  Another option is to start a walking school bus, for information contact your school principal.
  • Why does my student have to walk so far to a bus stop?
    Stops are created based on efficient use of the bus route. Walking a few blocks to a bus stop can be necessary and not unusual.
  • Can a student be dropped off at a location other than their home address?
    Yes, if… the stop is within the student’s attendance area, the student will be asked to walk to the closest bus stop.   The address will become their “home” or “regular” address.  This will be the location that the child will be picked up and dropped off at each day for both AM and PM transporation.  No split addresses or joint custody transportation and no periodic changes to a student’s stop.
  • Can a student lose their bus ride?
    Yes. Safe Schools Transportation Guidelines are in place. If students fail to follow those guidelines they can be suspended from riding the bus temporarily or permanently. If a student is suspended from riding the bus it is the parent/guardians responsibility to take the student to school.
  • What if I need transportation to a school which is not in my “home” school attendance area?
    Transportation to locations outside a student’s attendance area is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


Partnership with Davenport Citibus

The City of Davenport, in partnership with Davenport Community Schools, now allows ANY Davenport Community Schools student – elementary through high school – to ride CitiBus at NO CHARGE.  Your current year school ID acts as your pass, anytime, anywhere. Be sure to have your ID ready to show the driver prior to boarding. For information on routes and schedules, please visit:

Bus Conduct and Rules
The following rules must be observed on the bus for the safety of all passengers:

  • Follow the directions of the Driver (Teacher) the first time they are given. 
  • The driver is the authority on the bus.
  • Students must respond promptly to the driver’s instructions and obey any rules the driver feels necessary for the safety of the students. 
  • Use of a personal radio/tape player must meet the driver’s approval.  Pets/animals are not allowed on the bus.

Cell phones.

  • Follow board policy.  If disruption impacts bus operation they must be turned off.

Sit in your assigned seat at all times

  • Students will arrive at their assigned bus stop five (5) minutes prior to arrival of the bus and wait quietly off the roadway. 
  • Students must board the bus in a single file line and must be on assigned bus.
  • Go directly to a seat, remain seated and face forward at all times.
  • Students may talk quietly, but keep the noise to a minimum so as not to distract the driver while on the bus.
  • Keep feet out of the aisle to allow other students to walk up or down the aisle quickly and safely and, most important, so students can evacuate the bus quickly in the event of an emergency.

 Respect others.

  • No hitting, pushing, fighting, swearing or using rude gestures or gang signs on the school bus or at the bus stop.
  • Students should remember they are still on school time and should use school manners.
  • Throwing objects, horseplay, fighting, bothering others and any other activity that is distracting to the driver and others, is considered disruptive behavior.
  • All school rules apply on bus that distract driver.
  • Please use your best manners.

Keep all objects and body parts (head, arms, legs) inside the bus and in your seat.

  • Do not yell out windows at passing persons or vehicles.

Food, drinks, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang signs and weapons are not allowed.

  • For the students’ safety, they are asked not to eat or drink on the bus.
  • Tobacco, drugs, alcohol and weapons are prohibited by the state law.


  • Any damage to a bus by a student, or students, will be billed to the parent or guardian who will be responsible for payment and the student will have bus riding privileges suspended until payment is received in full.