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School Boundaries and Maps

Guide K12 Student Geographic Information Services is a useful tool that can be used to view school boundary lines and to find a school relative to your home address.

To view boundaries without entering a specific home address, open Guide K12 and explore the map by zooming in and out, and move the map left, right, up, and down. You may view elementary, intermediate, and high school boundaries by clicking the appropriate buttons at the top right of the map interface. To find one’s school relative to your home address, use the “search” function in the upper left corner. You’ll be provided with the name of the designated elementary, intermediate, and high school, as well as the phone number and web site for each.

Maps of School Boundaries:


  • Does my student qualify for school bus transportation to school? Yes, within the students home school attendance area if ….
    Kindergarten – 5th grade student lives more than 1 ½ miles from school
    6th – 8th grade student lives more than 2 miles from school
    9th – 12th grade student lives more than 3 miles from school
  • How do I find out what the distance is from home to school?
    Please use MapQuest at http://www.mapquest.com. Follow the directions for putting in the student’s home for starting location and putting in the school for ending location. Please click “Shortest Distance” button in the Advanced Options area on the right. Remember this is only an estimated distance and any discrepancies or questions should be directed to Durham School Services.