Preschool Programs

Early childhood learning programs are offered at the district’s four Children’s Village programs: Children’s Village at Hoover, Children’s Village at Hayes Elementary, Children’s Village West, and Children’s Village at Buchanan Elementary. In addition to formal preschool classes for 2, 3 and 4-5 year olds taught by certified early childhood instructors, all sites serve children from birth to age 5 in all-day programming that extends beyond the regular school day.

The Children’s Village program has received recognition as a FINE award winner – First in the Nation in Education – and is a state leader in providing innovative and quality learning programs for young children. The initial Children’s Village, which opened in 1998 in a former elementary school, was one of the first early childhood learning centers in Iowa to develop and implement benchmarks and standards for pre-K students. The program currently houses children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age and attributes its success in preparing children to enter kindergarten to research-based practices such as quality staff, a suitable environment, appropriate grouping practices, consistent schedules and parent involvement.

The programs are open on a fee basis to preschoolers living in the Davenport Community Schools district if they meet the criteria for entrance.

For more information on the Children’s Villages, please contact the following sites:

Children’s Village at Hoover
1002 Spring Street in Davenport
(563) 322-7649

Children’s Village at Hayes Elementary
622 S. Concord Street in Davenport
(563) 823-0267

Children’s Village West
1757 W 12th Street in Davenport – west of the Putnam Museum
(563) 823-2086

Children’s Village at Buchanan Elementary
4515 Fairmount Street in Davenport
(563) 823-2086

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