1606 Brady St.
Davenport, IA
  • F.I.N.E. Awards

    Fifteen programs and schools in the Davenport Community Schools have received the FINE — First in the Nation in Education — Award 16 times. Eastern Avenue School in the Davenport district was the first in the state to receive the award twice. The FINE schools and programs are:

    Adams Elementary Behavior Disorder Reintegration Program — A program providing support services to students with behavior disorders and teachers of the regular education classrooms to which they are reintegrated. Principal: Tom Green, (563) 391-6563

    Basic Skills Prep Schools Program — A summer reading program for primary-grade students conducted at various district elementary schools.

    Children’s Village at Hoover Early Childhood Education Program – A program that prepares children for entering kindergarten with research-based practices such as quality staff, a suitable environment, appropriate grouping practices, consistent schedules, and parent involvement. 1002 Spring Street, Davenport, IA 52803 (563) 322-7649. Director – Kathy Schulte

    Directed Independent Study in Science Program — A high school research program conducted at the district’s three senior high schools.

    Kimberly Center High School — A high school of choice, located at 1002 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, Iowa 52806, (563) 391-9161, extension 211. Administrator: Sheri Womack

    Eisenhower Elementary School — 2827 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, Iowa 52803, (563) 355-2604. Principal: Dr. Jake Klipsch

    Fillmore Elementary School — 7307 N. Pacific Street, Davenport, Iowa 52806, (563) 391-1740. Principal: Kent Ryan

    Hoover Elementary School — Merged with Washington Elementary School, 1608 E. Locust, Davenport, Iowa 52803, (563) 322-0905. Principal: Diana Allen

    McKinley Elementary School — 1716 Kenwood Avenue, Davenport, Iowa 52803, (563) 324-0403. Principal: Corri Guy

    Minorities in Teaching Program — A program conducted in conjunction with a state university to encourage minority students to prepare for and pursue careers in education. Program Coordinator: Christine Hester, (563) 323-9900

    North High School — 626 W. 53rd Street, Davenport, Iowa, 52806, (563) 388-9880. Principal: Jay Chelf

    Smart Intermediate School — 1934 W. Fifth Street, Davenport, Iowa 52802, (563) 323-1837. Principal: Kamie Swanson

    Teenage Academic Parenting Program (TAPP) — A program for teenage parents at 1002 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, Iowa 52806, (563) 391-9161, extension 211. Administrator: Sheri Womack

    Wilson Elementary School — 2002 N. Clark Street, Davenport, Iowa 52804, (563) 391-0903. Principal: Tonya Wilkins

    J.B. Young Intermediate School — 1709 Harrison Street, Davenport, Iowa 52803, (563) 326-4432. Principal: Marianne Corbin