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Davenport Community School district meets all EPA and OSHA regulations in regards to asbestos management in schools.  Each building has a current Management Plan, which is available for inspection at any time. A comprehensive copy of all building management plans is also available at the Department of Operations.  The District actively pursues the removal of asbestos containing materials.  All newly installed building material are specified and certified as non-asbestos.  The district has a periodic surveillance program and is re-inspected every 3 years by a certified asbestos inspector.

Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality contributes to a favorable learning environment for students, productivity for teachers and staff, and a sense of comfort, health, and well-being for all school occupants.  The District manages indoor air quality concerns through the use of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools” program.   Our objectives are to proactively prevent indoor air quality problems, and quickly responding to any problems that may arise.  Concerns regarding indoor air quality should be directed to the building Principal, head custodian, or contacting the Operations Department @ 386-3351.

Material safety data sheets

Material safety data sheets, or MSDSs, are provided to the District by manufacturers for all hazardous materials purchased by the District. MSDSs are important as they provide us with detailed information regarding:

  • Potential hazardous effects
  • Physical and chemical characteristics
  • Recommendations for appropriate protective measures.

A compilation of all MSDSs is available for review at each school’s office, as well as at the District’s Department of Operations 1008 West Kimberly Road.

Employee Accident Report

If you experience a work-related injury or illness:

  1. Report to your school office/supervisor immediately.
  2. If your injury is life threatening, the building nurse or secretary will make arrangement to take you to the nearest emergency room or call 911 for assistance.
  3. If the injury is not life threatening, the nurse or secretary will make arrangements for you at Concentra to treat your injury. You will be given an Employee Injury Packet which provides all the information needed to successfully treat your injury. Included in the packet are the DCSD’s Employee’s First Report of Injury, and Concentra Authorization Form and directional map to Concentra. Please fill out the accident report form and return it to the nurse/secretary immediately.
  4. Complete the Concentra Authorization form with your nurse/secretary before you leave your building. This is presented at the Concentra check-in desk upon arrival. A directional map to Concentra is provided on the back of the Authorization Form.
  5. On completion of your exam, you must report to the check out desk, where you will receive a copy of your Work Status Summary Report. This summary will note any restriction or follow-up appointment that may be necessary. A copy is also transmitted electronically to the district Worker Comp office at the Department of Operations. If a prescription is needed after completion of your exam you may have it filled at the Concentra Pharmacy or you may take it to any Walgreen’s Pharmacy.
  6. Report back to your supervisor with your Work Status Summary Report to discuss your treatment and return to work plan. Employees with work restriction will be offered Alternate Duty assignment when possible.
  7. Do not use your group health insurance membership card if this injury or illness occurred while working or acting in an official capacity for the Davenport Community School District.
  8. If you choose to be treated by any other treatment center and/or physician, you may not qualify for any workers’ compensation insurance benefits, and you may be responsible for all medical costs related to the incident. This is in accordance with Iowa Workers’ Compensation statute.

Non-Employee Accident Report

Non-employees sustaining injuries on district property are to complete the Non employee Accident Report form. This report form is to be sent to the Operations Department. Non-employees are to be advised to seek medical attention, if needed from their family physician.

Student Accident Report

Student injuries are to be reported on the district Student Accident Report Form. The building nurse or secretary is to complete the form and send to the Operations Department. Student’s parents/guardians are to be advised to seek medical attention, if needed from their family physician.